17 February 2021

Building Our Crystalline Light Body ~ Diana Cooper & Tim Whild ~ 16 February 2021

To build our crystalline light body
we must be able to take in more light

Source: Diana Cooper

Building Your Crystalline Light Body... This can be done in the following ways:
• Eat light, fresh, organic food.
• Drink pure water.
• Bless everything that enters your body.
• Exercise regularly and lightly.
• Do what brings you joy.
• Keep your home physically and energetically cleansed, light and happy.
• Breathe deeply and take time to meditate and connect with your Higher Self.
At our current stage we can hold more than 80 per cent of light in our cells, yet still inhabit a body of flesh. However, our planet has ascended and her harmonics are rapidly changing. Over the next 20 years, as this crystalline matrix is established within the Earth, we will start to notice physical changes in our body that will attune us to the planetary energies.
When the crystalline light body is in the process of activation, as many people are now experiencing, the physical body will not need so much food. Light, like sunshine, will be metabolized as a source of body fuel. We will also be able to tune in to and absorb the light of the Great Central Sun.
As we move further into these elevated energies, our physical body will expand into higher possibilities. Physically, we will change shape. We will develop the longer heads that they had in Atlantis and Egypt to hold the expanded brain and the energy of the causal chakra. We will become taller and thinner and more androgynous.
Then, when we work in the etheric, we will operate at the seventh-dimensional frequency. Our crystalline light body will be activated and completely managed by our 12 fifth-dimensional chakras. Then, as walking masters, we will have access to all the light we need to keep ourselves in prime health and condition.

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