20 February 2021

Christ Energy ~ Paul Selig ~ 19 February 2021

Source: Empath 1111

Now we want to say something important. You are not the Word as much as you are an aspect of the Word and the energy of the Word moves through you. It is not your ego self. Your personality is not the Word. You do not fix somebody through your ego or through the use of your own energies. The energies work through you because you have become attuned to them and because you are vibrating at a frequency that is high enough to align you to the vibration of the Word. So you are an amplifier and you are a transistor and a receiver of the Creator. The Christ energy works through you. You are a vessel.
If you forget this and you begin to think that you are Jesus or that you are having an identity crisis and have to go join a monastery because your ego is telling you you are special, stop it now. That is not the point of this journey. To the extent that you begin to believe that you are the vehicle and the energy that runs the car, you will have problems. You may be the car, you may be the vehicle, but the gas that runs the car is the higher frequency that comes through you.
Paul Selig – I am the Word
A channeled text

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