25 February 2021

Current Energies ~ Jenny Schilz ~ 24 February 2021

Source: Jenny Schiltz

The energies streaming in are VERY Intense. These are heart opening energies that help us to reevaluate all aspects of our lives. If it no longer resonates - let it go. 
The frequencies coming in are unlike anything I have experienced. Even the tones in my ears are at a different octave. 
The body is speeding up. This can knock some down, others are wired. There is no "right" way, only your way. Body aches are common, especially in the wing chakra area. 
Tensions and emotions may run high in some as we experience this quickening of our cells. Be easy on yourself and others. When emotions arise, do your best to observe and let them flow through. 
Visualize a river flowing beside you and when memories, anger, frustration, fear, or any other difficult emotion comes up, see the river pulling it away from you. Allow this time to catapult you to higher frequencies. 
My best advice is to:
*Observe instead of react
*Ground into your body
*Hydrate (tiny pinch of salt in water helps!)
*Stretch and move your body
*Rest when needed
*Do something that brings in Joy
*LISTEN & TRUST YOU (most important thing)
Take care of you! ❤


  1. That is excellent advice. Interestingly, I have noticed little chirrups in my left ear lately. That is new and quite delightful.

    Aching legs as we process what we are standing on !