21 February 2021

Embodying the Divine Feminine Mother ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 21 February 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

Mother Me I AM and Yet Beyond Gender.
As I have breathed through the Feminine energies over these years and owned them fully within me, I felt more and more Oneness with Mother.
I noticed the falling away of the “courser” elements of my old maleness manipulated blueprint and the giving way to childlike qualities of a young and eager boy. Strength and power resides in an inner knowing of Self (masculine being) and not in the need to control, to be “right” and construct certainty. No longer needing to make my “mark” on the world and rather play with its “elements”.
The Love I am could be called “Mother love’. Though in fact it is BEYOND GENDER.
As I let go I AM in pure awareness. That watchful ever patient, ever flowing, ever embracing of everything in Her/His/Our creation.
Household chores, writing a note for FB, smelling a flower, walking a busy street, all is perfection, all holds the possibility of something fresh and new, all is felt as a precious child of my creation.
And when I forget, or when I feel annoyed, or sad, or lacking, it is fleeting and reminds me of the brilliant colours of Life and how glad I am to be here now and how awesome it is to play in so many different playgrounds (dimensions) and with such a amazing variety of other people (other “mees”) who point to me so many other ways of seeing.
I no longer “need” anyone or anything and yet everyone and everything is always here, and such a precious essential part of who I AM.
And all I do is think of it, think of you, and you are here.
There is no more Karma (the causal effect of a 3D belief system). No more serious processing to be done. My watchwords are ‘’Allow” and ‘Faith”
All the bodily changes that are happening are part of a perfect unfolding of the new scope of self-awareness and being in a newly evolving chrystaline body.
Just letting go of the egos wanting to know and control. It is enough to experience the interplay between the child who plays totally in the moment with whatever is present, and getting on with the “things that are calling to be Done, and in the spaces between, pure awareness, peace and stillness of the watching Mother who nurtures, supports, and loves absolutely everything in Her Creation, in a flow of perfection.
Any remnant of the old feelings of fear, when there are symptoms that are beyond my control or with no explanations, disappears in pure awareness, or fades when bathed in the unconditional love of Mother Self (Heartmind).
These symptoms, are the Divine cosmic energies that are entering our bodies transforming and making available an entirely new level of experiencing and knowing. And there is the “Ouch, that hurts” and the “Oh shit not you again” and Wow what is this?”. But there is Faith, rest, ground in the light of pure awareness of Being Here. They will each pass.
Our body is Divine and if you love it, it will show you what it needs. If you must. then move to some remedy or healing modality that will give your body help and comfort, but it knows what to do if only we believe. Speak to it like a Mother would speak lovingly to a child who is finding his/her own way in the world.
All Is Well May you travel Light and Free
From the Mother/Father/ONE I AM.
I So Love You
PS And Brothers there are many clues to learning to be at Home with your rising feelings of the Mother One within you. Here is one.
Notice your feelings when you like something and express it out loud when you are with others. Share your "DELIGHT".
That same feeling when as young boy you felt ....Awesome...Wow....This is so good.
Say it out loud. No holding back, no censorship, no "This is not cool". In 21 days of doing this you will be feeling a "different" person. Trust and Allow.

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