25 February 2021

End of Self-Doubt ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 25 February 2021

Boldness is not about Ego
It is about how deeply you feel aligned to Source

Source: Nicky Hamid
End of Self Doubt.
You are the one who knows. Only you know when you have the feeling of Knowing. No matter how things appear, how much another appears to know, only you can really know.
So the next time you doubt yourself STOP for a moment.
Just become aware of where you are putting the power of knowing.
Are you being guided by your own sense of heart, sense of what feels “right”, what resonates, or are you giving that power to an authority outside yourself.
You will also see that your Truth requires simplicity and not all the complicated, involved and “high” sounding modalities, techniques and theories of empowerment that abound these days (while all may have value for those they are meant for).
If you want to be centred then your only way back is moving towards your own feeling, which then connects to Knowing.
You know what you know in any given moment, so stop playing the game of unknowing, the game of belief, the game of being asleep.
Never accept as true any doubt in yourself again. Smile within yourself and say “Wow mind, I see you and I love you. We don’t go there anymore for that is illusion.”
It is your power that sets you free. So doubt is fine because it provides the best reminder to take yourself back.
And when you do it often enough, and quickly, you will start to feel that you are standing in the Flowing fullness of your Truth, your amazing Knowingness.
This knowing is not a vast collection of resources. It is an instantaneous Flow from the infinite "what is was and will be".
You are an awesome Being, without a doubt.
Shine On
I So Love You
Simple, simple. Simple.
One breath, one thought, one Loving feel.
Is all that is required to be Still.
And in this Silence all Knowledge you will ever need
Is there for your next moment.

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