21 February 2021

Fear & Pink Healing ~ Kaia Ra ~ 20 February 2021

Source: Kaia Ra

πŸ’• Fear can harden us from accessing and expressing our authentic and sometimes tender personal truth. It can also block us from feeling worthy of receiving our answered prayers. Specific colors, such as 🌸 pink 🌸 help us to move into our empowerment with more grace.
Lately I’ve been collaborating with the resonance of all things pink to help slow down and soften my heart into more self-love. The color pink amplifies feelings of worthiness, self-acceptance, and a compassion for everyone’s journey that’s inspired from receiving your own self-compassion. πŸ’• 

πŸ•Š Rose quartz crystals and pink flowers can work wonders on smoothing out those vulnerable rough-edge feelings while gently encouraging you to keep growing beyond fears.
My instant go-to Ascended Master mentors for integrating pink heart healing are: Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Quan Yin. At any time you can ask them for support to help you become fully present to those places within that need your loving attention.
πŸ’• How do you connect with the color pink in your spiritual practice? 🌸 Does pink inspire you or is it a challenging color for you to connect with? I used to deny my love for pink but now I embrace it. 
🧐 Be curious. Colors are super transformational. Feel free to share your reflections on all things pink in the comment feed below, Beautiful!
🌸 With Love, Kaia Ra 🌸

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