25 February 2021

Finding the Zero-Point ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 22 February 2021

A helpful message but I suggest checking if using symbols such as the caduceus is truly beneficial.

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

To find peace and calmness during a period of high intensity frequency integration is to find entry into the zero-point during this transition time. 
It is only in the stillness of zero-point that you are truly removed from the conceptualising and judgemental process of the lower 3dimensional mind. Any construct you envisage, any perception you believe, any feeling that you contemplate with this lower mind is purely an illusionary creation of the ego mind and not a reality. 
These lower thoughts and feelings occupy your vision and senses with an endless supply of material to keep the illusion in full flow around you. 
Entry into the zero point will place you within a point of stillness neither in time nor space, much like the eye of a hurricane contained within the whirling forces of your own energy constructs. It is only in zero-point that connection occurs with the higher dimensions and wisdom is received through direct communication from higher sources. It is the movement of information and step down into a chosen manner of personal interpretation that brings it back into 3dimensional understanding.
Expand your heart consciousness, feel it open and grow into a higher consciousness and leave behind the 3dimensional mind that is not capable of understanding or even taking you to the higher dimensions. 
The ascension process requires frequencies beyond that which is occupied by 3dimensional identities – it is a higher aspect of you that steps into the new world not a polished version of your current self. The process of unravelling your current attachment to your 3dimensional life is a matter of choice and timing.
Practising access to the zero point through alignment with the heart will stabilise you with the higher vibrations that surround you and bring you into balance with your mental, emotional and spiritual body. Once these are energized with the higher frequencies, your physical body will follow by changing to a crystalline structure. A vision of the caduceus represents the equalizing of the energy bodies during this process and the spirit being set free from the constraints of the lower mind. 
Intention is the key and willingness to feel with your heart rather than listen to your head. Your head will tell you - but with your heart. you will just know. Form is always in movement, only energy lasts forever.
With Loving Blessings ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
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