16 February 2021

Gratitude ~ Judith Kusel ~ 15 February 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

When the heart and soul sing one song of love, there is just gratitude in overflowing.
Gratitude for All-That-IS, as it is!
With it a deep inner contentment, balance and harmony.
The more grateful one becomes, the more blessings flow into one’s orbit, for indeed, gratitude and blessings are soul twins. The one attracts the other.
Here is an enormously powerful practice you can do every morning and at night before going to sleep and is indeed life changing.
In the early morning, and when you made quiet time, simply tilt your head back a little bit, as if looking heavenward.
Go deeply into your heart and soul space, the Sacred Heart.
Allow the mind to still.
From deep within you start saying repeatedly: “Thank you!” The more you do this, the more things will come up for which to say thank you. To express a heartfelt gratitude for.
Indeed, you will find that the more you do this, the more you will find things to be grateful for, simple things, and more than this love, joy, beauty, life itself in all its myriad of forms and expressions, all the loved ones in your life, all which brings that special something into your life, no matter how humble, no matter how simple. And remember to thank your own physical vessel which brings you the blessing of life in form, on this planet.
You will feel yourself being uplifted, and you will feel your sacred heart expanding. Suddenly more and more will start popping up, for which you are grateful. Indeed, sometimes tears of gratitude will fall, and you will just feel blessed, in all and every form and way.
Now, open your arms wide and still face upwards, simply say: “Let the Rain of Blessings Fall!” (3x)
And then see and feel your sacred heart space expanding, expanding, expanding.
Feel and see beautiful golden light rain falling on you.
Again, just say thank you!
And then, if you choose to, then bless all of life with the self-same blessings you have received, as your act of highest service to all sentient Beings on earth and beyond.
The more grateful you become, the healthier you will become and more you will find to be grateful for.
Never forget to write those “Thank you!” letters, to say thank you to those are making a difference in your life simply by being there, and those who gifted you with inspiration, with words of encouragement, and who so often assisted you on your journey through life – those are the earth angels and they come in so many disguises and forms and expressions. 
Why not call or write to someone today, just to thank them for being there or for have been there for you, when you needed it most, or just for being there in your life in whatever form or way? It may just be the greatest and most loving gift they ever received!
For indeed life, – itself, is a Divine Gift, and so are all those things we so often take for granted, and indeed, so many of the greatest blessings in life, are FREE and freely given, if only we have eyes to see and a heart and soul to appreciate what is so generously given by the Divine.
Judith Kusel

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