24 February 2021

Heart Feelings ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 24 February 2021

Have no fear, Beautiful Human
There is a Great Plan way beyond the "little minds" of man.
"In all chaos there is a Cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."  *Carl Jung

Source: Nicky Hamid
Every time you feel gratitude, you feel the joy of being alive, or you feel love for the smallest thing, happening, or experience, you broadcast it faster than the speed of light squared to every other living being. Your feeling point becomes an expanding wave that touches everyone.
So if you have any responsibility it is to have these heart feelings and by all ways that are in your choices to do so.
Your (Our) joy, anchored in Gaia, is having a huge effect on changing everything.
I kid you not, for as I live it, I actually see it and feel it happening all about me.
So as WE each feel and express our joy with everything, even in the playing out of the old reality in its final acts, we are creating a tonal wave of love that magnifies the New energies and grounds them in the New Earth Dream.
As you acclimatise to the subtleties embedded in these strong incoming energies, gently emerging from within, expect some rapid and amazing new opportunities to manifest, to open up any moment.
You (WE) are creating it.
Your joy is the guarantee that it is being created.
Shine On Beloved Creators
I So Love You

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