23 February 2021

High Altitude Straight Talk ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 23 February 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

Straight Talk, to Precious Soul that YOU ARE
It is not just what we do, but how we do it that counts.
Do you feel your Lovingness?
Can you see your world through the Eyes of Your Love?
Do you Believe totally in the Power of Love to transform?
Our believing/knowing, and our doing is our BEING.
There is an I, a Me, and there is WE.
And through the ME of WE the New World is created.
Anything that has one iota of separateness in it is not of WE.
Service to others is embedded in service to Soul (Self) through HeartMind.
I So Love You
PS. I am seeing so many of you still struggling with family and friends. Struggling with the need to be understood (and thus loved in the way you want it) with those who you know full well are bound into their own views of what the world “is” and who you are not.
Your clinging to these old stories, and persisting in taking what they say so very personally, is a continuation of reflecting back to yourself the unkind lie that you are not YOU.
They are the gift to you at this time.
You asked to awaken and WE say time and again, awakening is the realization that you are Love, you could not be anything else, nor have you been anything else but playing a game of hide and seek with yourself.
Who cares what others say or think about me. I certainly DON’T. Unless it is really about me, which is never if I am not reacting, and is about some self-judgment I am holding if I am reacting.
What YOU think about YOU, and how deeply fully and magnificently you can Love who you have been, who you are becoming, and WHO YOU ARE, is a total and profound commitment.
Your family will “GET IT” when they are ready to “get it”. Bless their hearts. 
Stop clinging to your own unkind lie, and a need for some unrequited love that is owed you, and taking their own hurting personally because it is projected at you.
If you Know who you are there is no way you could be shifted from that Knowing. So if there is still wavering, Beloved HUman, then there is simply more Honouring and Loving being Self to be done.

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