26 February 2021

Host Yourself Home ~ Voyagers ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ 18 January 2021

This gives me a whole new perspective to "We are all a part of Source". Please continue here for anyone interested.

Our Planet and her Humanity are taking the "short-cut" Home as a result of Divine Intervention.

I vaguely remember from elsewhere that E'Asha described this accelerated process as involving the Source fields (innermost circle) pulsing outwards energies to reach where we are, much further away in an outer circle. This to me describes the concept of us receiving these incredibly amped up frequencies, all the way from the Source fields through the Suns, rewriting/resetting/recoding us back to the Divine Blueprint.

I'm not a fan of all the terms used in these materials, but I do notice that Eff-im-a’-rhal (Transition) sounds very much like ephemeral.

Transcript provided:

The Plasma Body represents the portion of our consciousness, energy and identity that remained within the Internal Creation fields (Pana-Co-LA'-ra, Pana-Coa-let'-a and Pan-Clair'-ah Internal) upon our First Individuation from the Eternal EFFI (Eternal First Field Intelligence God-Source field). 

The Plasma Body exists as a living, conscious wave-field that eternally carries the indelible encryption of our original Eternal-Authentik Identity 

The plasma body has numerous anatomical aspects, beginning with the 3-layer Chismatic Field (Tryptonic, Tryptoplasmic and Tan-Chi- TEi Membrane); each layer of the Chistmatic Field carries the Plasma Template encryption upon which External Creation Templates will form. The 3-layer Chismatic Field Plasma Body Template retains a being’s eternal connection to the Eternal EFFI Field of Eternal-Internal Creation, serving as a link between the Eternal-Internal Creation fields and External Pan- Clair'-ah Keylontic Light & Matter Body fields. The Chismatic Field links Eternal-Internal and External Creation through direct interface with (and governing structure over) the Rasha Body Dark Matter template, Aah-JhA* Hydro-acoustic Body (aspect of "Spirit Body" structure) and the External Creation “Light-Body & Atomic-Matter-Body'1 Multi-dimensional Anatomy. 

Upon First Individuation, as a being individuates into Internal Creation, the individuating consciousness leaves behind a small portion of its quantum within the Eternal EFFI field as a ' conscious Silken-standing-plasma-wave", that retains the individual's First Encryption, and also has the capacity to draw new quantum directly from the EFFI Field to replenish and restore its original quantum, should this original quantum become depleted. This “Eternal Standing-Wave'' of "Original Quantum Restoration'' is called the Eff-E'-Mah Silken-Wave (also referred to as the "1st Quantum", "1st Eternal Memory Point, ''Seat in the Eternal Orchestra''...re: "Journey to the Eff-i-yah State" audio technique). 

In circumstance of “fall system ensnarement” (within which beings and systems would be denied their Birthright of Return to their original Eternal-Authentik Eternal-Internal nature), the usual circumstances and inherent processes of a system’s return to its original Eternal-Authentik Eternal-Internal Nature (4-Density Vector Accretion and fulfillment of 5-Stage-StarFire Transfiguration, then entry into Adashi Return & corresponding 8 stage Plasma Body Activation Cycles) Do remain the same. But with an added Organic Element of “Direct EFFI Pana-KHY Intervention” : this is known as the K+8 Krystal River FAIL-SAFE Host. 

Through the interplaneal and transplaneal processes inherent to KRFSHost, the dormant Eff-E’-Mah Crystal of a being or system is brought into progressive rapid activation, which allows for the final option of Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration. The Chismatic Field Plasma Templates and TrhU'-ah Plasma Body anatomy form from the Eff-E^Mah Wave encryption, as the consciousness individuates into Etemal-lntemal manifestation cycles. 

When in the rare occurrence when KRFSHost is triggered due to “final fall engagement”, Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration allows for a final opportunity to reclaim the Birthright of Return to organic Eternal-Authentik quantum and embodiment of its Eff-E’-Mah Silken-Wave “1st Quantum” 

Under the rare circumstances of “fall system ensnarement” and resultant triggering of the KRFSHost, the Eff-E’-Mah Crystal and TrhU’-ah Plasma Body can be brought into rapid activation to engage an expedited Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration Cycle, through which the being or system can “HOST Itself HOME” to Eternal-Internal Creation via progressive, rapid restoration of its original Eternal-Authentik quantum and embodiment of its Eff-F’-Mah Silken-Wave “1st Quantum” 

In August 2011, Earth fully engaged the path of the “Short Way Home” : the path of KrystalBridge Passage and expedited Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration. This is the current circumstance of evolution upon which our Earth has embarked, and to which Earth’s Life-field will progressively adjust over the next 900 years, through the processes of co-resonance frequency synchronization inherent to EarthCynC. 

*KDDL 2 Manual: https://www.arhayas.com/collections/h...

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