22 February 2021

Humanity's Healing Crisis ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 21 February 2021

This is an excellent message from Jenny Schiltz for all of us, no matter how advanced (or enlightened) a Lightworker we believe ourselves to be. There is a tendency to regard such messages as for the "unawakened masses" but I feel that this couldn't be further from the actual situation ~ there's a lot of unhealed trauma in our community that needs to be urgently addressed.

Source: Jenny Schiltz

I was working with my spirit team recently and they shared with me that many of us are in a healing crisis right now. A Healing crisis is a term used when someone begins to address their hurts and trauma and this attention brings about a triggering of more to be healed.  

This is because the healing begins to expose what has long been hidden, not understood, or shoved away. It can feel quite brutal and at this point some back away from further healing. Others, however double down and see all that is arising as a gift. They understand that it signals that they are ready for lasting growth and change.

My spirit team shared that many, even those unaware are in a healing crisis. They showed me how the energy streaming into the planet is exposing everyone’s hidden wounds. Being aware of what is taking place does not change the intensity, but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to experience all of this with no awareness. It then becomes understandable when we see people lashing out at each other or getting lost in distraction and duality. Without the reference that the way through is to go within, this time period would be even more challenging.

They showed that more and more of us are letting go of our layers while simultaneously downloading more of the entirety of our being. This too is creating a healing crisis. The more we hold our light, the more all that is not in alignment with the soul and the Divine Blueprint is then triggered so that it may rise to the surface and be healed.

This can be things that impact us on a mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, and physical level. It’s all coming up to be healed now.

Even things that are chronic are being highlighted right now. I recently had incredible back pain, the likes that I haven’t experienced in years. As I felt into it, I realized that there was still an aspect of me holding on to the injury. What I discovered is that at the time of the car accident, I was exhausted, completely burnt out from a life on the gerbil wheel. The accident allowed me to rest. It gave me an excuse to be still.

Feeling into the severe back pain, I realized that there was still a part of me that believed I had to be injured or sick in order to rest. This aspect had to be healed and shown that she can rest without being hurt. That she is entitled to not live a life of constant going and struggle. So many of us have an ingrained belief that we must struggle, hustle, or sacrifice ourselves in order to be successful or be worthy. This belief structure must go as it has kept us from really understanding and tapping into our entirety.

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