18 February 2021

I Am Worthy ~ Paul Selig ~ 17 February 2021

Source: Empath 1111

Our decision was to come here and to disseminate this talk in paper form for you to read and to take with you to study. The students of this book are many, and they are in frequency, and we would like you to take a moment now to recognize this. And the way we would ask you to do this is to sit still and acknowledge that you are part of a group, and a large, enlarging group of people in manifestation who are coming into their own consciousness as love. And as you do this, you extend your frequency to greet them. And you go into a unity and acknowledgment with your fellow travelers and allow yourself to be greeted as well.
Remember, always, you are not alone in this work. This work is passage work, and while it feels solitary at times, it is not. You have many friends and teachers who are standing beside you to usher you into this next phase of your evolution. You can think of this as a personal thing if it gives you support, but the net has been cast in a large way and there are many that are being gifted with their knowing as the times herald the new creation.
We speak today of manifestation, of what it means to call into being your own knowing. “I Am Worthy” is the title. “I Am Worthy” is my knowing. “I Am Worthy” is the song your lips must sing. 
“I am worthy of this journey. I am worthy of my God. I am worthy of all I see before me.”
The Book of Love and Creation– Paul Selig
A Channeled text

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