22 February 2021

Impact of Recent Events ~ Aluna Ash ~ 21 February 2021

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Source: Aluna Ash

Giving and receiving, cause and effect. Every belief has a price whether it be wanted or unwanted depends on the nature of the belief- if it is limitation or if it is expansion. 
"Positive Thinking" is not denial, fantasy or delusion or "just think happy thoughts and everything will go away" (although that would be nice) it's a training of creative forces by directing thought/attention in a specific direction for a purpose and it is real work. I see it more as taking action in observing thought in order to then direct thought instead of reacting and being controlled by reactions.
Recent events of the world are past impressions that have surfaced due to ideas contemplated, deeper beliefs, reactions, desires and uncontrolled imagination. Constant reaction to appearances only reactivates the same just in a slightly different variation or form. So as long as one beliefs they are opposed, or something was taken from them- they will be opposed and will keep aligning with more of that stream of thought along with aligning with others who believe the same.
There has been alot of confusion... that pain, drama, rebellion/fighting and conflict means awakening, winning or rising higher. That is the inverted order of our lack consciousness and divided mentality thinking it's about winning or thinking the suffering of others means our gain. Like there's not enough, or as if rising higher is something we must capture from another or capture from the outside. This only creates more individual steps to retrace, more delay, more opposition and resistance. 
As long as one is seeking to get even or thinking in terms of revenge, they are inverting Divine Law against themselves. When we think another can shrink or take our freedom, it's only because we do not know where freedom is (Life-Spirit within) due to a lack menatility which is in opposition to expansion by unintentionally opposing infinite Spirit or Life force within.
Basically when we give power to anything outside of Life within, we flip our consciousness to move in opposition instead of in the desired direction, this creates a distortion in perception so we see from an angle of limitation, lack, injustice, loss instead of expansion (freedom)
This goes way beyond The Law of Attraction, it's not a technique, it's the Law of your Being...The Divine Law that all other Laws extend from. It takes time to build this as a foundation and to adjust to this state of consciousness, but it gets easier and is worth every step. This is where your freedom is, your expansion, abundance, peace of mind and true security (your I AM is the way)
It does not matter where you have been, where you are, all that matters is what you are going to do now. Each moment we get to choose our direction: contraction or expansion. Limited self or infinite self. Effects or the cause. Shadows and sense impressions or Life. Recreating by reacting or creating by aligning and acting with purpose and intention.
Embodying a new state of consciousness as a foundation is similar to building a house. We can know of the house we want in thought, but it takes more than just the thought or idea to build the house. There must be an idea, blueprint or design to follow, then the right tools, building material and time spent building step by step in the order a house is built. Then we can sit in it, decorate it, live in it and speak and see from the embodied state of it.
Impact of recent events
Many have been unknowingly impressing their subconscious with beliefs of loss, limitation and injustice by actively feeding beliefs influenced by the reactions of recent political events. 
The individual subconscious does not know the difference, it takes it as a personal command to be acted out in some personal way...whatever ideas an individual gives constant attention become things by occupying space in the mind, taking up residency in the Soul-subconscious to then manifest in the body, as physical experiences, and shape circumstances and conditions in personal ways. 
When the belief of two opposing forces or opposition is impressed upon the subconscious, (even if it is directed towards another or something else) it is inverting Divine Law which is opposing the Life-Spirit within self, this is why it becomes destructive regardless of the belief in its justification and regardless of how things appear to be. 
So to transform destructive impressions, the individual must turn inward, release the desire to react to appearances, step back from the norm and work on a thorough mental cleansing.
Otherwise what is impressed upon the subconscious will manifest in personal ways not only affecting the individual, but all personally connected to the individual. 
Whether we like it or not, there is an unchanging Law of Life and exact order to how the formless fills ideas and turns into forms. When we give power to shadows, we oppose Life within ourselves by inverting Divine Law and opposing the order from within our consciousness. When we give power to the cause, we reshape shadows/effects instead of being controlled by them. 
Every idea contemplated is form that we give "birth" to through the creative power of our awareness (I AM) We are learning to use our creative power constructively and lovingly.

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