28 February 2021

Jason Estes Influx and March Updates ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Jason Estes

Influx Update:
Todays a 8pt heart influx this means things could be a bit more emotional and you might be revisiting some old wounds 
a really helpful practice is to put a pillow between your shoulder blades and lay down on it for about 5-10mins and just focus on your breath letting the feelings and emotions come to surface to face so they are no longer running you ❤ ::hugs::
March Update:
Welcome to March this month is about clarity and truth now that we have seen the madness and the lies within and around us its time to begin the true path to redemption and the long journey home 
with each day and each step we will find the world coming back into alignment with nature and the flow of time what was once hidden will be seen by all and as we take our final fall remember to stand back up in faith our time has come to begin again... ❤ ::hugs:: 
Body Unlock: take a few mins to check in with your body on 3 positions it wants to hold then set a timer for 3-5mins for each position
Field Update: set a timer for 1-5mins and open to the flow of time and allow it to flow in and around you till your field is fully aligned or the timer goes off.
PNR playtime: Hold PNR Azure Symbol up in right hand for 3mins then left hand for 3 mins then ontop of your head for 3mins then 2mins under right foot and 2 mins under left. 
Recommended T.v. shows and Movies (links in comments)
Movies: Edge of Tomorrow, Source Code
T.v. shows: 12 Monkeys season 4, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4
Recommended Tech on Activationstation.org
Celestial Charity
Lemurian Remembrance
Fifth Force Nervous System Updates
The best way to reach me now is leaving a comment below or emailing PR@jasondestes.com have a wonderful month ๐Ÿ˜Š!
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