20 February 2021

Jason Estes Update ~ 19 February 2021

I know this is preaching to the choir as well as sounding like a broken record/scratched CD/faulty mp3, but I'll go ahead with it anyway....please please please always go with your Higher Guidance with things like jumping onto another timeline or things of such nature.

Source: Jason Estes

With so many people doing the master line jumps the amount of data streaming into prime line is ALOT so remember to take care of your body and assist it to process giving it what it needs 
we are in a 3pt MU influx today and go into another strong clarity weekend with a 5pt on Saturday
if you have not seen my last live the first half of it is about the master line and some helpful tips on how to sustain and handle it with more grace and ease, have a great weekend everyone  ❤ ::hugs::

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