21 February 2021

Jason Estes Update ~ 20 February 2021

Source: Jason Estes

Many people have asked me how to live on the master line and stay stable
this is not the purpose of the master line its easier to think of the master line like a library that you visit and gain tons of wisdom very fast and then you come back to prime line with this new expanded self and become an example for change in the collective
master lines are always designed to be explored in order to update a prime line very fast in this case thousands of years worth of change in a single decade 
this is key for earth and why many of us came here looking at the world today it can seem hopeless and impossible but if you go inward you can see there is so much support now and as we begin to study on the master line the world will radically change so have faith in team humanity and do your part ❤ ::hugs::

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