25 February 2021

Jason Estes Update ~ 24 February 2021

Although I post these sort of updates, I am also very aware that it can mean something to the individual or nothing. I take note of them and then release them to the back burner where they may or may not stay. Jason Estes has said that by 18 February there would be a chance for World Peace (I could be mistaken but I could have sworn he also said May 2020 some time back....). I find the take-what-works-and-leave-the-rest thing to be the best method for me. It's great if something helps me find the next step or next level of clarity to move forward, and at worst it's pep talk or inspiration to keep going.

I will also add in all fairness that some events are pretty spot-on, even though the playing out may not seem like what was expected. For example, Jason identified 6 January 2021 as a choice-point for Humanity ~ the Capitol Hill incident presented in full force for the entire world to witness....and possibly decide (or reinforce their prevailing beliefs)?

Hmmm....I do believe I'm in a let's-tell-it-like-it-is mood....

Source: Jason Estes

Desert Ends on 26th and Final unlock of last universal energy center is on 28th so while the ride may have been rough we are almost through the turbulence 
hang in there just a bit longer 
things are changing very fast now and will go even faster once we enter March and by end of May it will all have made sense ❤ ::hugs::

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