23 February 2021

Kryst - AntiKryst Consciousness ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ Voyagers ~ 19 February 2021

This is Lightworker blasphemy again, so ditto ditto ditto. Here's the link for those who are proceeding.

I've featured a couple of very well-made animations of DNA processes before, and the Spirit Tech left me in great awe and fully mind-boggled. That's at 2-strands. I can't imagine what it must be like at 12, let alone 24 and 48! I love what E'Asha says about the Anu and Drak souls, and their place in the Ascension process (they have the same "rights"). She reminds us that they themselves originate from the Founder Races ~ God created them, too! Paraphrasing E'Asha ~ Unity through Blessed Diversity.

Also noting that Enoch defected from the Emerald Covenant to become part of the Sons of Zadok, which is Illuminati.

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