26 February 2021

Love Finds a Way ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 26 February 2021

Love finds a Way
When there appears to be No Way
Source: Nicky Hamid

When you see something that is not of love, it is so easy to drop into judgement, discrimination, building a story, and searching for retribution and justice, and “fair play”. This is the old way, the way of victim and perpetrator, the way of duality.
There is always a choice of ego mind or you can go straight to your Heartmind and ask
"How would love see it?"
Love is not a capitulation, an avoidance, ignoring or protection from the Truth or the reality in front of you.
In compassion you hold the space for greater Love. No matter what the incident is. You change the energy, the reality of it.
When you hold the space for Love anything is possible, whether you see the result of it or not. And when enough of us hold that space, that is when the consensus reality will change. It is already changing as more take their power, and more wake up and make this Choice and Remember who they are and Love who they are.
And in the meantime little miracles will happen in the lives of others when you hold the space for Love for them.
Do you GET IT?
It is choice of thought, your moment to moment decision to choose your heart space and hold it for your reality that makes available opportunities for others because you have chosen this to be your single navigational direction and We have agreed to share our reality.
You can easily make a change or new choices at how you view the happenings around you.
I choose the space for Loving. How about you?
I So Love You.
PS Can you hold THAT space of Love for your partner who does not fully understand you, or members of your family who reject you being You, or your boss/coworkers, or your local and national government, big pharma and conglomerates directors and investors, bankers, those who cling to “the old” disintegrating positions of power?

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