16 February 2021

More About 2021 ~ Diana Cooper ~ 15 February 2021


Source: Diana Cooper


Last year was a time of change for the whole world and this year the change will continue but in a less destructive way. So this year we are called on to bring communities together. As more people are becoming fifth dimensional, there will automatically be more focus on supporting local businesses and helping the disadvantaged. Once again there will be protests for equality. It is also the start of the spiritual technology of the future as people want to use technology for the highest good and to help the planet rather than control it. Digital technology has taken over our lives as we socialise and work on line. People are becoming more and more disillusioned with that way of life and the huge companies that control it, so there will be shake ups here.

Travel will not return to the pre-Covid levels until we have found ecologically clean ways to power it. There will be some years of reduced movement of goods and people until this happens.

Business on line will continue and this will considerably reduce travel as more people work from home as a new way of life. Because more people will be at home, there will be more support for local businesses and many will make a conscious choice to buy local.

Politicians will start to recognise that we live in one world and must support each other and nature. It is a step in the right direction.

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