16 February 2021

Nothing Stands Between You and God (Source) ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 16 February 2021

I heard God's whisper
I heeded the call
I look without thinking
And discovered it ALL
I came with warm Touch
Of a sweet scented Essence
I discovered with Awe
My own Holy Presence

Source: Nicky Hamid

Nothing stands between You and God (Source).
No hierarchy of angels, or Masters, time or space, dimension or veil.
Nothing. But your beliefs and even these were not yours in the first place.
Do you get this?
And when you do you will not have to tell me for I will see it and feel it in your eyes, in your Presence.
I will know IT because It is everywhere for me also.
I immediately remember Self in your Presence.
So thankyou for being here, Now.
Shine On
I So Love You

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