19 February 2021

On Inspiring ("Helping") Others ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 18 February 2021

Do not crave Love
Become Love
For it IS the union with SELF

Source: Nicky Hamid

On Inspiring (“helping”) Others.
First and foremost, if you are in your Shining, in your Presence, then you have already brought the greatest gift you could to those you are in the company of.
In your countenance, your Smile, through your eyes, from your heart, comes the magic of Flow which even a fractional part of others knows full well.
And so in essence there is nothing to do, nothing that has or needs to be said for The Gift to be given. It can pass "unseen and unheard", yet is felt, heart to heart.
When I first started my counselling and therapy work, 50 years ago, I resolved to trust my training to the Universe and trust the “patient/client/searcher/seeker” to bring to me what they needed for me to help them with, and to trust myself that what I did would lead to the most benevolent outcome for all concerned.
I cannot remember it ever not working. When someone comes I remember that they are not broken (they are Divine and perfect), they do not need “fixing”. It was essentially a transaction from “Soul Self to Soul Self. There was no system or theory or conceptualised work that was indispensable.
My FAITH in life trained me and those who came and still come to me are my teachers.
How beautiful is that? How amazing are they?
No wonder I am in awe of HUman Nature and cannot buy into human weakness but see mostly the strength of the HUman Spirit. I see the whole “veil “ is simply something we have bought into, the unkind lie that we are not to be trusted. Which is saying we are not Divine and Creators of all that we experience. A belief that HUman is small and insignificant.
There were times when I scared myself at the things I said to people (like telling someone to “grow up, take their life in hand, rather than play poor me, and to go away”).
Of course I doubted often, and I still look to be aware of my ego mind that would hide myself behind fear and self-preservation. It is part of being HUman.
Truly being with others is mostly doing and being together in that moment and not preconceiving what you are going to do or say to them, how you want the experience to go, or pre-empting the reaction or the outcome for you or the other. To be open to the unknown potential of the encounter.
You mind your own business, and let them mind their own. So when they have gone from your presence there is no deep post-mortem. Just trust, Knowing love, and an expanded feeling of Joy, for the honour of knowing them.
What I am saying is, if you Love and are open and trust yourself, and trust that the other person will show you what they are deeply asking to be reflected back to them, then there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of what you might say to anyone. You will always do the right thing by them even if they get peeved, slam the door in your face, break down and cry their heart out, or get up and hug you and fall in love with you.
The power of love works miracles even if a person goes away and you never see them again.
I have seen time and again the result of these miracles of transformation through self-empowerment, even as feedback to me 20-30 years later.
Love is never ever wasted. It is the truth and the proof of free energy.
You are Love Incarnate and so you can do anything. If you really know the power in your own freedom then that is what you can gift others by your mere Presence. The knowing and the loving are the expanding energy that calls to like frequency in the field of another.
There is no longer any need to be afraid of ego if you befriend it. You have learned well how to be aware. The ego is a most beautiful safeguard and keeps us awake to our own process at this time of being in HUmaness.
Shine and Share dear friends
I So Love You
PS And so often when someone comes I hear the voice speaking loud and clear ..."All they need is to really, really feel SEEN , and be HELD" in the arms of Love”.
And when you do this by really being fully PRESENT IN THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE, with them and unafraid to let your Lovingness hold them just for a moment, they will experience what they have always longed for. And it will at last be “REAL” and open again for them.

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