22 February 2021

Our Physical Body ~ Judy Satori ~ 21 February 2021

In 2021, there is so much light coming in to activate true human DNA capacity
The physical body must be ready to change fast enough to handle the energy

Source: Judy Satori

In 2021 we begin to go deeper into a more profound physical upgrade and regeneration process. There is so much light coming in, that when it hits up against the physical density of form and becomes blocked in its transmission, the physical body can begin to ache and feel toxic and heavy. You might also develop physical inflammation in parts of the body or just feel extremely exhausted. It is not that you are sick. It is that you are transforming, changing on the inner plain of self before this change can be reflected visibly for all to see. 
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You see, for more of our true human DNA capacity to be 'activated to express' the physical body must be ready. It is not karmic toxicity that is blocking the energy transmission, it is the capacity of the physical body to change fast enough to handle the energy. 
Here is a list of practices to help you through the physical effects you might be experiencing:
-A form of breathing exercise, meditation, deep rest and replenishment: Yin Yoga (or other yoga practices), Tai Chi, Chi Gong, mindfulness techniques, Wim Hof breathing, taking time each day to BE and not DO. 
-Take in more of the colours green and purple in your food. The plant-based foods that we eat carry their own energy vibration on the New Earth as they are grown in the soil, which is vibrating at a faster energy frequency. We need to adapt to this energy frequency better. Green plant-based foods carry a frequency that supports physical regeneration and vitality. Purple foods such as blueberries and black grapes are very high in polyphenols, which are plant-based micro-nutrients that are very beneficial for the body. 
-Oxygenate your body to support circulatory change and upgrade. The blood is the river of new life and the cardiovascular system must be well supported to handle the new life-giving frequencies that we are receiving and will continue to receive during 2021 and 2022.

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