01 February 2021

Part 2 of "3 Major Scale Timeline Collapses" ~ Yvania Bartholomeusz ~ 1 February 2021

To refresh memory, Part 1 is here.

Source: Yvania Bartholomeusz

Part 2 of "3 Major Scale Timeline Collapses"
๐Ÿ’›The Timeline of The Maze Runners and The Rapture of Patriarchal Rule.
"Maze Runners" are those who are acutely aware of their insertion point within this time/space reality.
They come from our Future as a Collective Representative of Humanity.
They are not the Maze Runners of the past that we associate with 'spirit guides' or 'higher selves' (without a physical body). They are Embodied Human Beings from the future here to assist in Navigating and Collapsing the Fixed Structures in place.
Many - not all - are in Female form. They came to express 'the WithIn' in this time/space from "WithOut".
She (He) carries the DNA - a record and set of co-ordinates in time and space - that Allow her to Feel and Experience back to the Beginning of what we call "Patriarchal Rule" - a Source Frequency that Powers through Disempowerment and Harm of other Beings.
Just how Deep this runs through our Collective is yet to be Experienced and Felt on the scale we require to Move Through and Into Pure Love.
EVERYTHING of Hierarchy - including 'who made these bodies' - The God Complex of Control (Which served in many times in Opening our Hearts to Love) is part of this other Source Frequency. A System designed specifically to keep Humanity small and powerless. This Hierarchy Program is very difficult for so many to Shift and Collapse....Enter The Maze Runners
She - has gone through lifetimes of experiencing this Powerlessness to reach the Point of Power.
She Sees through it all and She Knows her Very Own Power is that which Brings Down that who's Time Has Come.
She Knows the Season.
She can only Bloom in this Season - for it is hers alone. Her very own Seeding - of Her Nature.
She will stop at nothing to Eradicate and Collapse The Harm, that is and has been.
She is a Force of Nature.
Just by Being - She Purifies.
It's always uncomfortable (Purification) when we are Attached to That Which We Are Not.
We Are Not Fixed anything.
We Flow.
Right now It's the Harm in our Attachments that are Being Purified.
This will Allow us to start to Flow with a kind of 'Togetherness' that is Unstoppable.
Once this Collective FLOW begins - We will Experience a Love Like No Other.
A Dawning of Our Very Own Nature - Moving, Flowing, Dreaming and Responding to Ourselves and Each Other in a way that Creates New Worlds in Every 'moment'.
A Life Force teaming with Potential.
A Golden Dawn that will Forever change the very Nature of 'Life' as any Universe has ever Experienced it.
Humanity is something so Precious and Sacred.
She (He) is our Greatest Gift right now.
Feel her Flow.
Do not be afraid.
She is Birthing and Bringing Everything that is Pure Love Into Being.
Relax and Breathe with Her.
She has given birth many times - It's Her Nature to do so.
All Will Be Purified through Our Own Source -Through our Bodies and Through Our Heart.
You don't have to 'do' anything.
You have nothing to worry about and nowhere you 'need' to Be but Here - right Now - Being Present and Responding to You and what is in front of You for You to 'do'. Sometimes nothing to 'do'...we go into Flux Mode - Nothing is clear because we aren't Flowing with our Spontaneous Nature...until we do.
May your Flow be as it is in Nature. An Expression of You in each Moment.
Beautiful You - just Being You ๐Ÿ’›
You're never too much for anyone or anything.
If you seem to be that's because others 'Purify' in your Presence.
In Love Allways,

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