16 February 2021

Power of Love Experienced Within Oneself ~ Judith Kusel ~ 15 February 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

The most loving gift you can do for another, is to simply give them the space to be, so that they can find themselves in ever deeper levels.
So often we try to fix other people – instead of allowing them the space to seek their own truths, their own inner space, their own inner knowing, being, living and loving.
Indeed, we cannot fix another soul, no matter how much we try.
We can only love ourselves so much that we will love ourselves into the deepest shadow and the highest light and find our deepest truth and live it.
In so doing, our own inner vision changes and the way we live life and suddenly we find that indeed, the other never needed our fixing, merely our unconditional love, and in given them space to grow and become, something deep has shifted, within and without.
Because, The Power of Love, indeed is best found and experienced within oneself. 
And only when experienced inside of self does one it reflected everywhere, and most often in the eyes of the one we simply allowed the space to be, as we allowed ourselves the space to be and to find, to experience and to love into form and being.
Judith Kusel

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