17 February 2021

Releasing ~ Paul Selig ~ 16 February 2021

Source: Empath 1111

“I am Word through my intention to now release myself from any energies that are externalized or have been created by me that operate independently from my own consciousness, that may be impacting me in a negative way. 
I am now choosing to release any and all parasitic energies that I may be holding in my frequency that are not mine, that are inherited culturally or have been given to me or created by me in any lifetime for any reason. 
I am now resolved that I am being supported in this release by my guides and teachers, and that I am cleared perfectly of any negativity that has created suffering and the pattern of suffering in my life. 
I am Word through this intention. Word I am word.”
Paul Selig – I am the Word
A channeled text

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