19 February 2021

Right Partnership ~ Matt Kahn ~ 18 February 2021

Source: Matt Kahn

When it's aligned, you will manifest the right partnership that allows two beings to grow — together as One. Prior to such an aligned union, you will enter into relationships where the objective is to deepen the wisdom of your heart by outgrowing the limiting beliefs that brought you together.
Such limiting beliefs can be: ‘I have to be with someone, even if not aligned with my heart, to avoid feeling alone’, ‘I can only relate to someone’s potential, even though they aren’t living it on most levels, out of fear that I might be judging them’, ‘It would be so time-consuming and disruptive to my life to end things, so I’ll just remain a ghost in my reality, while resenting the person I use to imprison myself with’, ‘If I leave without their approval, I’ll be guilty of hurting someone who defines themselves by my existence’, ‘I’m too afraid of the idea of being a negative influence on my children by leaving, even though the most negative influence is modeling to impressionable minds the acceptance of toxic dynamics’, or even, ‘I’m so afraid this is the best it can get, so I’ll remain frustrated, while soothing my innocence with fantasies of what if’.
No matter the limiting beliefs that bring you into connection with another, each and every character is created to speak and act exactly as need be, in order to help you see through the facade of choosing from a space of unworthiness. 
As greater worthiness is cultivated, by outgrowing the temporary romantic rendezvous life brings your way, you are brought into direct connection with your own inherent wholeness, which then has permission to manifest as the partner you were always meant to find.

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