27 February 2021

Shifting Realms ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~
Sending you integration LoveLight for the reality-shifting waves flowing through Gaia in this Now.
Magnetic shifts are DNA shifts. DNA fields are reconnecting, strands are rebundling to provide a new experience. Many have noted stronger visions, dreams, lightbody expansion and thinning of the veils right now.
Magnetic shifts open us to cosmic forces, objects, and stargate energies. Intentions manifest faster, as well as revealing what impedes your desires. Magnetic Field Shifts are shutting down draining programs and amplifying the Crystalline grid. In the linear, it shows up as Schumann waves, Solar activity and geomagnetic storms.
Bliss, Freedom and Crystalline DNA codes are amplifying. Be acute about where you put your focus. If you focus on problems or negative narratives, you receive stronger problems. Time to shed the energetic support for what you do not desire to experience.
The Crystalline field is getting stronger, which provides a faster feedback loop; a shorter gap between thought - and - experience. Zero Point provides instant manifestation, and that frequency is being used across the realms to provide new experiences. Focus on becoming the true Creator being you are, and SO IT IS.
All focus on the true light and creating the New. Personal and collective discrepancies are resolved through Divine Neutrality and broadcasting the pure Crystalline frequency of the Unified Source-thru-Self.
Kindwhile, a new energy aimed at reality-shifting is coming next month.
Full Moon Saturday February 27 at 12:19AM PST
With deep shifts in progress, be acute in your ceremonies if you have them. As always, Gatekeepers use the global moon focus to bring in Freedom codes and compassionately override manipulations in the field, simply by bringing in the Christed Light frequencies as the autonomous force of Source. This creates balance, then overriding by the higher vibration, migrating the collective to the New Earth realms. Full support for the positive New Earth Crystalline Moon expression. Crystals may want to stay inside for this one.
Embracing a new reality requires releasing the old one.
Metamorphosis of relationships, Soul contracts, services, the physical, everything. Revisit the Release, Recode, Reveal method from January's webinar.
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In Love, Light and Service,

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