25 February 2021

Show Up as Who You Are ~ Lee Harris ~ 23 February 2021

People are more open and more ready than ever before

Source: Lee Harris

So, if you got used to editing yourself a while ago and editing your consciousness out of the conversation, because you thought it wasn't welcome, I highly recommend you ask yourself, "Is that true right now? And is that true with this person I'm with?" 
Because things have changed and more people will want you to show up more as who you are than ever before. 
Because the thing about us showing up as who we are, it doesn't really matter what our beliefs might be, if they're different to someone else. What people respond to is authenticity and honesty. 
And people - we feel that. No matter how programmed our minds are, we really go on feeling with each other and we go on how the energy feels. And we go on what we sense.
So, being honest about who you are is not to convince anybody of your truth, but it is instead to bring the truth into the conversation. People are hungry for the truth right now. 
- From February 2021 Energy Update

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