16 February 2021

The Consciousness Intuitive Field of the Planet ~ Lee Harris ~ 15 February 2021

The consciousness intuitive field of the planet is opening up

Source: Lee Harris 

The consciousness intuitive field of the planet has opened up and is opening up. It's changing for everybody. ⁣
It's bringing a whole load of new people online with their intuition. ⁣
And for those of us who might be a bit more seasoned with it, it's changing the way that we receive information, experience information. And timelines are moving fast; timelines are possibilities. ⁣
So, there is a timeline for the Earth. There is a timeline for you. And based on how we respond to what's going on in the present, the timeline can shift.⁣
We're always creating the future from the now. So, this is why self-care is really important. ⁣
Look after yourselves. Stay as balanced as you can, especially when you get stressed or come off the rails. ⁣
But take action to support yourself because the manifestation and the creation energies are really strong. ⁣
And they're really asking all of us to step forward. They're calling us forward. ⁣
But we have to be receptive and ready to do that, because otherwise what will happen is, all of our wounds will come up like a big old storm.⁣
- From February 2021 Energy Update⁣

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