28 February 2021

The EFFI Prayer and LTR-Power Grid ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ Voyagers ~ 27 February 2021

This is both powerful and beautiful. Not knowing what LTR means, I poked around to see if I could find the answer, and came to E'Asha's own site. I will copy the information and prayer text below.

Here's the link to the video, which also includes versions in French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean.

From the Arhayas site:

The EFFI Prayer & LTR (Linguistic -Template -Reprogramming) -Power Grid

Note: The word EFFI is a Guardian acronym noun formed from the initial letters of the words Eternal First Field intelligence and Electro-Thermal First Force identity; the word EFFI is often used synonymously with the term EFFI Infinitum (RE: Tan-Tri-Ahu'ra Teachings© 1-9, 8/2012 -8/2014+). In GuardianMaterial™ Theory, the word EFFI is used as a noun referring to the entirety of the Living EFFI Eternal 1st Consciousness  Field, within which ALL Creation has ALWAYS, and will ALWAYS, exist. EFFI is not a "name for God", it is the Eternal Living Spirit of Existence and a Frequency Destination. 

The Eternal PRESENCE- E'Lum'en-ed Essence is the Experiential KNOWING, Living EMBODIMENT, and Manifest EXPRESSION of the Eternal EFFI Nature AND the tangible FREQUENCIES of Energy, Cognition and Consciousness upon and through which the Eternal EFFI Nature is carried. In its primary expression the Eternal EFFI Nature is the Presence of Absolute LOVE, which is recognized as the Eternally-Living Foundation of Consciousness, Frequency & Physics behind and within ALL Structures, Systems, Things and Beings, and through which ALL Structures, Systems, Things and Beings are Eternally, Indelibly Interconnected and UNITED.

Eternal Spirit (EFFI), 
Please Hold me and Enfold me....
in your infinite Love and Protection. 
Please Still me and Full-Fill me....   
with the Beauty of your Peace. 
Please Show me and In-flow me....
with the Wisdom of your Vision. 
Please Know me and Bestow me....
as an Instrument of your Grace.
Let us Co-create together....
in Harmony each day. 
Let us Shine E'Lum'en-ed Essence....
to Forever Light the Way. 
Ta A'jha-in'ta DO'-A (Repeat 3 times) 
(To A'jha-in'ta DO'-A means "So as it is Spoken, So as it is Done") 
The EFFI Prayer LTR -Power Grid is most powerful and frequency-effective when translated into your first spoken language. 
KeylonticTM Discourses for Daily Lving-KDDLTM Course Series - 
Presented by ARhAyas Productions LLC; ©02/2019 E'Asha A. Arhayas

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