27 February 2021

The Ego ~ Matt Kahn ~ 26 February 2021

I accept that the ego is the soul in its most dormant stages of incubation. It is not to be opposed, rejected, or denied, no matter how painful it may be when oscillating between patterns of worry, anticipation , and regret.
I accept that I do not worry, anticipate, or regret for any of the reasons I may believe or have imagined.
I am simply playing out these patterns as a way of building up momentum to inspire an awakening of consciousness.
In knowing it is so, I allow all aspects of the inner WAR to be healed and resolved, as I create more space for my soul to expand.
I embrace my most profound healing in the name of love, knowing all that I resolve within assists in transforming each heart throughout, since WE ARE ONE.
And so it is.

Matt Kahn speaks about the ego in very enlightened way in his recent video which I posted recently, here. I've just finished watching it and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to view the ego from a broader viewpoint.

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