25 February 2021

The New ~ Judith Kusel ~ 23 February 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

It is time now to let the past go, with joy!
It is time now, to understand that you can now create a totally new and different life for yourself, in a much higher dimensional frequency band.
The old Earth and the old you is no more.
If you still find anything being churned up now of the past and the old you, let go. Release it with joy. 
Thank the past – for it has served your soul growth in ways you may not understand nor comprehend right now.
Yet, it is past. Think of is as having dissolved into the vast cosmic oceans and washed away by the Living Water of Life. There is a huge sign there which says: “NO FISHING ALLOWED!” 
And as you embrace the new you, and the new life unfolding, get crystal clear about what you truly wish to manifest into form and being, with great love, and then start living this from the depth of your heart and soul, and all that you are, in truth!
Judith Kusel

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