18 February 2021

The Online Message ~ Meg Blackburn Losey & the Masters ~ 16 February 2021

** Update 19 February: The page where these messages appear has been fixed and formatted **
It's been a long while since the previous message! The way the Masters describe our current time reminds me of Chaotic Nodes, as termed by the Hathors via Tom Kenyon. Both Dr Meg's personal message and the one from the Masters appear to be truncated towards the end. I have emailed her about it, and if I do get a response, I will update accordingly.

Message from Dr. Meg:

Online Messages February 2021
(I could have written a book! This is the longest messages ever! Enjoy! I hope they help!


Greetings to each of you!! My apologies for quite late getting this out. I had promised it earlier but more and more information keeps coming in so I delayed it so that I could give you the deepest info available right now. Can you believe I have been working on this since October? LOL everything is popping so fast that often by the time I get a page completed some of what I wrote is redundant! There are so many factors included in what we are witnessing in our world and beyond that it took me a bit to organize what I am receiving cosmically and about our world into language for us here on earth. I have been working on this since October! It is in three parts. First, my perceptions, thoughts and suggestions for living within the world as it is. Part two is the Masters telling you what is happening, why and how we can change what is happening and thirdly, the Master’s prophesies for this year and the near future. So here you go, enjoy! 
This may possibly be one of the most important messages I have put out and truly? I wanted to get it right. For us all. Nearly every moment I am receiving more and more full information. I keep thinking wow this is a LOT and then wham! Another download! Another world event! Whew! Thought I would give it a rest and just be now LOL I have to say there is a lot happening and now I can explain how and why things seem to compound instead of moving though so to speak. World events have caused me to pause so that I can give you more of the whole picture rather than comments on events that the media of all kinds has playing over and over again ad nauseum. I don’t intend to go over them because first of all, what is truth in regard to what we are witnessing? And secondly, no matter what I say there will be a number of you who will disagree. All fine. It is one of those times in our world where the truth is so difficult to ascertain emotions and feelings as well as beliefs are running hug and well I don’t get into the middle of those things because what I do know is that it is all part of Creation sorting itself out. 
Not only do I have a lot for you here, the Masters (next article below) have given an amazing description of why and how all of the chaos we are experiencing is happening. They have come to a place of explanation about what is happening and why and wow, it is mind blowing so don’t miss out on their wisdom, their truths, love, in fact all that is of Divine and Sacred, all that is Holy. They unwaveringly embody these things and bring them to us. As always, I have also included their prophesies for the coming year. It is phenomenal so be sure to not miss that! 
Also, after both of the Master’s parts, there is information for signing up for my 2021 Touching the Light certification classes (go to http://www.touchingthelight.org) as well as my Self-Study Program. This is for my one year certification course. There are three different levels that you can attend. Since each builds on each other, they must be taken in the order listed. Level one Practitioner, Level two Practitioner and Instructor’s Level. I am so joyful each year to meet and mentor new students. It is an honor and a privilege. I also offer easy interest free financing to make it as easy as possible for you to take my classes. 
Also, I generally offer a Buy One Get One FREE sessions special each holiday season.  This year I have extended the offer to you through midnight, March 15th of this year. I did not get my newsletter and announcements out as planed due to things beyond my control and so to make sure that everyone has had the opportunity to take advantage of my annual offer, I have extended it. I have added a new session this year and also based upon your previous requests I have added some other combos for you I hope this give you what you wanted and I am always happy to do this! I love it that you are with me year after year, reading my books, studying with me, traveling with me, well everything! This is my way of giving back to you. From my heart, the sincerest gratitude! 
There are so many versions of so called Truth going around and underground that it has become extremely difficult to know what the truth is these days. We are emotionally exhausted, stressed, perhaps some of you are finding yourselves with cloudy thinking or lack of clarity. Some of you are not sleeping much or well. Many are grasping for something to hold on to, to believe in. When we are in this state it is quite easy to be led down paths and into the rabbit hole where there is no truth, only versions of it. Please be careful of what you take in will either grow into something beautiful or fester and make you sick. Please, please, please be discerning about what you choose to believe and support. Look beyond the surface of what you are hearing and ask for proof. Real proof of what is being claimed. False information is dangerous to everyone and can cause people to act out in ways they never would have before. Or worse. We are not that! 
Truth shelters us all from all that is not. It keeps us safe, well, whole, and balanced. I kind of wrestled with how far to go with my words to you this time and it hit finally me ~ It is quite simple after all. I bring to you what I know is true. I hope that on some level there is comfort in these pages. Hope that you can hold in your hearts and Light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a train!  I have faith that my words will comfort, guide, help you and at the same time bring your attention to what is not true as well. This is also a fairly long chat so grab a warm cup of something or something cold depending upon where you are and sit back and consider with me.
Human beings have become lost in manufactured reality, out of worries, concerns, fears and other powerful emotions. As we go through these experiences or they us, everything that happens becomes a part of the common consciousness. As it does, Creation immediately begins to work on bringing more of the same back to us. Why? Because that is what we are telling it to do as we express our emotions, thoughts, in fact, any energy at all carry’s messages into the infinite and the infinite responds.

Please read on....

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