19 February 2021

The Pulse: 19 - 23 February 2021 ~ Gene Key 55: Victimisation | Freedom | Freedom ~ Richard Rudd

Awareness is the connective tissue between organisms

Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 19 Feb to 23 Feb – The 55th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Victimisation to the Siddhi of Freedom and it is the Way of Freedom

The Dragonfly's Dream

'Up until now in human history, awareness has been confined to the individual human form. We experience awareness as movement, as feeling and as thought. Unless someone reaches a heightened or siddhic state, they cannot access awareness outside of their body. 

However, throughout history, expanded awareness has spontaneously flowered in certain human beings, giving us a taste of our future. In a siddhic state of consciousness, awareness is the connective tissue between organisms — it is the interface between consciousness itself and the world of form. The form is the skin, the fruit is the awareness and the seed is consciousness. In the simplest terms, awareness is the key that opens the door between what we call God and man.'

Excerpt from The Gene Keys

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