24 February 2021

Thought Alchemy 101 ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 24 February 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

Thought Alchemy 101
What is basic conscious thought, where does it come from, and how are we learning to upgrade it?
In my typical inimitable way, I am going to attempt in a small space to point to that which I have previously considered almost impossible to do.
This Universe from a Human perspective is like a “repercussion zone”.
We have incarnated into a HUman body and have entered a “free will zone” where EVERY feeling you have, every second experienced, has a “repercussion” effect, because your feelings generate your thoughts, and your thoughts generate your decisions. And everything that is of HUman has embedded in it freewill choice.
So that when your conscious ‘Mind” notices a feeling it starts to crystallise that feeling into a thought form in “mental/logical mind matter” (that is a thought form in your mental body- thought material), and then into a decision. And thus every feeling leads to a thought and then to a decision (choice) as a second by second process. So every moment there is an outcome according to what you are thinking and feeling. A consequence, an impact.
So when you start to consciously change your thoughts and feelings simply by consciously drawing more “higher Light, with finer and finer Light waves, from your Field and into Form, it begins to rewire you, activate new circuits and pathways, bring finer and more amplified Light waves into your system.
It starts to “download” or make available new “Spirit” Intelligence into the waveforms of light that make up your “auric field” and that makes up your consciousness availability. . It is like your consciousness is “sitting on” a blueprint of Light.
WE do this without any preconceived notion of what this higher Light is or how it operates. Only that we can take the new incoming “Feelings” and direct them to anything at all that we desire because the new feeling themselves will have embedded in them navigational markers.
It is a quantum experience, a quantum reality that is contained in the Pure Light waves which are countless tiny ‘light packets of information” holding unlimited amounts of data ( like infinitely packed CDs). “Quantum angel dust” I lovingly call them (seen often as a zillion tiny sparkles of gold and/or beautiful colours everywhere you look – solid, liquid, gas or ether). Every one of these interweaving, dancing light waves is holding unlimited data, consciousness, intelligence.
If you consciously, intentionally Align and call in the higher, indescribable, unlimited, subtle, (superconsciously) higher Light of Source that you are. and allow this Light to stream in and infuse your entire system, you initiate change in your entire system which then has the repercussion effect of “trickling “into every aspect of your Life and awareness for immediate change, deep and profound change. on your entire thought processes and thus your Life.
And you have the choice TO EMPOWER YOURSELF for this Transformation in any given moment.
Thought IS Father to the free WILL CHOICE, WHICH IS FATHER to the deed .
And whatever I have said IS NOT IT. It is much, much MORE.
I So Love You
PS And if you do not understand what I am talking about then put it aside. No understanding of any of it is necessary for anyone to be who they ARE. The Light is streaming in anyway. Waking up is consciously becoming a “channel”, and accelerating this process for High Light that you are.
PPS: And did you know that you have a vast 'Family" of Spirit Beings, of all kinds, who are available to you some of which have the "authority" (knowledge and vast experience) to accelerate this whole process with you. But you MUST ASK. Your God given free will and conscious choice is required for any given occasion.
Yes, you do not have to do this on your own any more.
If you want to know more I give a loud shout-out to the Life's work of Alicia Power. https://www.soulmentoring.com/

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