16 February 2021

True Cosmic Self ~ Judith Kusel ~ 15 February 2021

A moving ode to our True Self....

Source: Judith Kusel

She remembers her true cosmic home
And how often she felt herself intensely alone
Confused, and at sea here on this planet called earth….
She wondered at human beings
So very different from the ones in her own galaxy
Her own star systems.
She cringed when she heard people fighting and bickering.
She could read their minds
And saw how their actions and what they thoughts did not correlate
For they lived lies
And lied to themselves and others,
Which saddened her and sometimes, frightened her.
Her huge open heart and her natural love, made her want to love
All and everything,
But she soon found that not all human beings liked to be loved
And some growled at you when you came too close….
So she sought solace with her dogs, animals, angels,
And in nature, for there she felt herself loved unconditionally.
She never could understand competition
And so often when she was in school
She knew that what the teacher was teaching was not the truth
And so she slept through school
And just withdrew more and more into herself,
And often in her sheer confusion,
Found herself in experiences where she did not know how to react to
As human beings seemed to play games with each other
and she did not know the games nor the rules
and this often brought deep painful feelings
of shame and guilt
for she just did not fit in…..
It took her so many years
To finally realize
That instead of what was wrong with her
(which she often asked)
Was actually RIGHT with her.
She slowly but surely let go of the guilt and the shame
And she forgave herself
And forgave others
For in truth they did not know what they were doing
For they had sunk into the seas of forgetfulness….
She realized that she had to live her highest truth
No matter what other people said, did or expected of her.
She could not live a lie!
She now chose to be authentic, truthful and real
And stand in that truth no matter what
And it was all right.
Indeed it was the only way she chose to live!
She finally broke free of all the restraints
And she vowed to be true to herself
To live her life deeply empowered from the depths of her soul
And the cosmos Being she in truth was.
It did not matter anymore if others applauded – or not.
It did not matter if she had to walk her path alone if need be.
It did not matter if others did not understand.
What mattered the most was that she stayed true to herself
And loved herself so much
That she honoured the depths of her feelings,
The depth of her inner knowing and which made
Her the true Daughter of God and Goddess
She stopped trying to please everyone
And realized that no matter how hard she tried
She could not fit into the moulds set by others.
She had to be simply herself
And that was more than enough.
She found that when she finally loved herself
That her whole life changed for the better
And she started to feel at home deep within
And at home on the planet
For she could span dimensions and forms
And be the truth of her cosmic self
Expressing through life on earth.
She understood that she was truly loved
And that love came in many forms and existences
And that her cosmic man was with her day and night
Even if earthly man’s hands and arms were often
Too small to be able to hold and love all of her….
Yet she is open to love
In whatever form this comes
And she is open to the man
Who will finally have hands, arms, and mind, heart and soul
Big enough to embrace ALL of her:-
He indeed, will find himself loved and blessed
Beyond anything he has ever experienced before
For when she loves
She loves with all heart, body, mind and Being
With ALL that she is!
She has finally come home to herself
And the Love she is in depth of her own soul
Her own being.
She is in truth a celebration of life!
(I wrote this a few years ago and somehow feel it is time to reshare)
(Judith Kusel)

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