28 February 2021

What Do You Want To Create? ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

For those that seek answers, often find alignment with suffering – for they will quite often fall into the trap of comparison and analysing within the Mind and suffer as a result. The Mind can only provide answers based on experience. Seek in the Heart and receive the Truth of answers in clarity.
In looking at what has been before, why do so many view Atlantis as a disaster or a downfall – it was a project like all others have been and brought its own set of unique lessons for all who participated. Each time each dynasty is written about, its story is changed to suit the agenda of the storyteller. The true history lies only within the Truth of the Soul that manifested a life experience there. Each Soul holds a different story, just as you create your own version of Now as you did then. 
Seek the Truth only from within yourself to learn what only you can know about Truth.
All are different. You cannot exist on light alone, one must have water as well. It is the four elements that are essential to sustain the future of the human race – this was known in Atlantis. Your Sun is essential to Life here on Earth, you may create so much from the sun with water and the elements from the earth. The things given to you by the Mother, they are provided in a simple form. If you look at the basics of what is already here, you have the potential to create a whole new world without destruction of what already exists.
Each prior dynasty had profound beauty but created suffering through the imposed development of corrupted systems placed upon its citizens. It was done this way so that you could find courage and strength within you, to find the words that must be spoken from the heart, not the head. Your Light is your Truth centre, your Heart – that is All That Is.
And Here is where YOU are - if not in your heart, then where are you indeed? True existence, even, in reality, must be connected to the heart. Disconnection from the heart disconnects you from Source, therefore what remains of your existence – Ego survival, nothing more. Serving the Self only – this happened in Atlantis, in Egypt, in Christ’s time, throughout many dynasties. Have you not learned yet? Have you truly not learned this is where you will find your true nature?
Do you not still see the pain and destruction caused each and every time – that time is Now. One cannot fail, not again, for those who returned to help, those who are here now, they must waken their own Light and walk their own true path. The Path that has always been laid before them since their first existence, the true path is the path home – home to the Light within.
As you watch the changes taking place upon your planet, the patterns will reveal themselves once again, as patterns are only reflections of the people. The patterns will only change when all around change too. When all make a decision to step away from the noise and move into the wonders of their true nature.
Just as pollution that washes up on the beaches, we thank you for your work Polaris and all others involved in the clean-up that must occur - we see what every one of you does. The way to create peace is to cease creating noise.
When people gather together walking their path, they create an immense amount of Love felt all over the planet. So many times we have seen in your gatherings and specific events, the combined emotions, and sentimental intentions only lasting for the time they are together, quickly forgotten in-between and return to their usual ways after the event. A day or a weekend is not enough, you must be this way all the time, every day, in all you do, say and act upon.
We teach people to stay in their higher vibration. To find joy, compassion - all know this within their hearts to create peace inside and outside. This is what creates your new world. What do you want to see? What do you want to create? It’s up to you now, it’s up to all of you to take back your power, to be the light and love that you are and emanate it.
When One satisfies the light within, all outside become satisfied too. But you must come from love and passion as to who you are and why you have come.
Life - what is it? Is it an experiment, is it a game, or is it a learning lesson of experiences to allow one to see and reach their highest truth, their highest vibration in love. We are not here to teach you to climb the corporate ladder but to climb the stairway to heaven. The sun is your heaven, that is what gives you life and sustains you. The only one who closes the gate to heaven is you. See yourself in the rays of the sun lighting up the earth that is heaven’s door.
I AM the Light and the Love of One. It is in our truth embedded within our souls. Surrender to the Truth, your Truth. 
Thank you for your time on earth. It is your time now to create from your hearts in your truth and love.
With Loving Blessings ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

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