19 February 2021

You're the One ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 18 February 2021

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

You're the One.

Which each newly awakened Soul, there starts a new journey of discovery, a unique new awareness of the World that exists around them. What is new is always new to freshly opened eyes and ears that learn new vocabulary and new ways of living their lives. New information, new knowledge and new perception of the wonders of Life, the Universe and everything between.

The newly Awakened may wish to talk about their new discoveries and find that their friends and families have not yet opened up to the world that they are now experiencing. Their words fall on deaf ears and their feelings are dismissed - and that certainly is nothing new. The next step is to learn new ways of coping and dealing with an expanded and aware consciousness and how to build new relationships with the World around them.

On their journey, they discover Others also learning new ways of Being, and learn about new Light Codes and new Angels and new Portals and new Events that are about to take place. New messages of hope from new Cosmic Collectives and new Galactic Councils. Everybody else they find, is becoming aware of what is newly arriving, newly expressing, new modalities, new crystals, new tools, new energies, new methods and new ways of developing their own spiritual path.

A world of new Light, new hope and new existence emerging from the darkening, debt ridden, slave driven civilization of the old ways. A civilization that once was new and replaced the previous civilization that became old and corrupted from its own new beginnings, which replaced the one before it back until history no longer remembers. What was named the New World is the Old World to those who already lived there. New means replacement and destruction of what existed before. New provides new benefits, new opportunities and new ways of doing things, better, faster and more efficiently - but it comes with a cost of competition, conflict and compliance.

Discovery is finding something that was not known before - we All discover new things everyday. They existed before our understanding brought them to our awareness. We learn, we experience and we understand to add the knowledge to our own wisdom. Radio waves existed before the radio was invented. Large land masses lay amongst distant seas before certain civilizations claimed to discover them. And the oldest discovery of all, the Source of infinite intelligence that existed long before individual consciousness was even capable of understanding the nature of creation and still scratches on the surface of understanding Life and its spontaneous manifestation across the Universe.

But nothing really is new, only the perception of the observer in seeing and hearing and feeling something for the first time that makes it different from before. A new civilization develops a new language, a new currency, new laws, new rules, new religion and new ways of contributing to that society - but is it new or is it just different? A previous civilization had all of those things too - but someone somewhere chose something different and suddenly that became the new New once again. Something new is not better than before, just different. The Old Ways stand against the test of time.

Your journey of discovery is not to discover what is new, all of what you will find already exists within YOU. You arrived on this planet capable of discovering everything and everyone that will help you to achieve your Soul Intention. You will hear that you do not need a Guru, or a Teacher or a Guide - but everyone will need Others to assist them, guide them and help them to discover who they already are.

You are not alone on this journey but you will need to climb mountains, not hide in caves. There is nothing new in doing this. All of this has been available in myriad lifetimes, countless Soul Emanations, every existence on this planet and the plethora of other planetary civilizations you have taken form upon. What is different this time, is there is no hive mind consciousness, no collective mission statement, no internal rule book or instruction manual. This time, we are not looking to replace what we already have with something new. We have been through that process too many times before.

You are a unique creation of Source developing within your own level of existence to assist the Planetary Ascension, connect through the dimensional frequencies with descension of your Soul presence and rediscover your own Divinity as Source within Human Form.

Solomon wrote: - What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

The sun rises and the sun sets. What has been built before, shall crumble in time. All that mankind has created, will in time return to the Earth. But That which is Eternal, remains forever. The Soul is born, and returns to Source. You are That which is expressed in-between.

Through the Love of Source, you have become a Walking Master of Light. This is your time to express who YOU truly are - nothing new, but everything that differs from that which you were before.

You're the ONE that I AM wants YOU to Be.

Paul Dobree - Carey / Polaris AB
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