31 March 2021

Where We Came From? (Human Origins) ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas / Voyagers ~ 30 December 2020

If you've enjoyed Andrew Bartzis' Cosmic History from some years back but wanted to know more about the Human Race Origins, then this very brief excerpt from E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas may be of interest. It goes back 560 million years ago with the creation of the ancestral lineage of the Human Race, the Turaneusiam.

Here's the link to the video.

I haven't yet come across any public videos that go back all the way to the Primal Creator worlds but will post once I do.

DNA Modification, ESP & Psychic Battles | Gigi Young ~ 28 March 2021

To listen in to Gigi Young, please continue here. 

I really appreciate her balanced and expanded views on the topics that were brought up. Here's part of the description provided:

Gigi answers your YouTube comments! 
My Lemuria Lecture: https://youtu.be/R6B71iSD3Ms 
0:00 Intro  
0:15 ESP 
 0:48 Is 'battle magick' real?  
7:30 DNA modification in Lemuria  
12:55 Earth portal system in the dark age  
15:19 Bill Gates plans to block the sun  
24:38 The sun as Christ Consciousness
Please continue here for more details. 

I remember the documentary about the person Gigi highlighted ~ a film crew was recording his energy feats (yes, he actually set paper on fire) as proof of his abilities. Then while in the midst of demonstrating his advanced skills in manipulating matter, one of the crew was injured from a splinter that broke off. It thankfully missed her eye. From that point onwards, he refused to continue with the documentary.

Deep Purification ~ Judith Kusel ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

We are in the midst of a deep purification, and do not be surprised if a lot of the old things start surfacing which still need to be released, cleansed and dissolved. Especially family matters, and within the greater human family and tribe. The tribe here meaning the collective families and the greater society at large. 
When one is lifted into the higher realms and operating from there, one indeed will often find that old bodily discomfort arises, after one has been in the presence of others. Often people download their problems and their negativity upon one – and most often this is in the form of family or even the family friends. It is not that one cannot listen, nor be sympathetic, is just that our own energy fields (the higher we are in vibration) then tend to be pulled back into the lower energy fields and this can lead to discomfort in the physical body. 
The best is to immediately make work of cleansing and clearing the energy fields, of doing the forgiveness degree (which I have shared so many times) and then also, to ask your own body, why it was triggered. Often these triggers are so deeply buried, and unconscious that we need to go into the trigger and then dig up the negative programs and belief systems which we now need to acknowledge, forgive and release and let go of, as we cannot take any baggage with us into the new Earth and new embodiment. 
This is why it is important, to truly seek the inner sanctuary, the inner temple and seek silent time, and seek to truly be lifted beyond anything you have ever experienced before, in unity and oneness with the Divine. 
More than this, to consciously start listening to your own physical body, and its need for more rest at this time. Why? Because at the moment we are transitioning between two bodies, and new is already forming around the new spinal column and the old body, thus is still present. It is means that we are not only going through intense purification, but also transmutation, and this is having an effect on our physical bodies, whether we are conscious of this or not. 
I myself find that I need more rest, and are called more into quietude, stillness and even guided to do so. I am learning to listen and to get out the old programming, and to truly adhere to the guidance I am given. When I ignore the guidance, I do find that my physical body will react and then I am forced to rest. 
We are in the crucial time of immense transitions. This will escalate during the next few months and indeed the rest of the year. 
Yet it is time when we find that as we seek the stillness and more rest, we are reconnecting to the deepest core truths within and we are being lifted beyond anything known before. Indeed, when one experiences Oneness, Unity, Blessings, Joy and indeed immense Divine Love and Omnipresence, one is indeed lifted into a totally different state, and consciousness, or being – whatever you wish to call this – which indeed, is the new and much higher way of life and living which will become the norm for those who assume the new Light Body and ascend into the New Earth.
We are being prepared for intense transformation in the highest degree and indeed this brings an outflowing of what we have never known before, but indeed are resurrected into.
Judith Kusel

Changing Relationships ~ Judith Kusel ~ 30 March 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

Relationships will be changing and indeed are changing as the New Earth is making herself felt more and more and the Old Earth disintegrates and the old you.
What is not authentic and real anymore, what cannot hold the deepest truths within, will now spiral outwards and inwards and disintegrate the lower frequency creations and indeed will bring transformation in all and every form and way. As much as the Spiral disintegrates it also recreates in much higher frequency forms.
We are evolving. We are being lifted beyond that which has ever been before.
This is mostly true for relationships: whether it is the relationship you have with yourself, a beloved (a lover or spouse), family, children, pets, community, society, etc.
For what is not true, and the highest truth will disintegrate. It cannot hold form.
Through this immense transition, let us keep our heart open and allow the power of unconditional love and the true power of forgiveness and loving Grace to lead us. 
Let us be kind to one another and allow our truest soul and heart to speak through us, and act through us, and indeed, if we need to go on the path alone for while – that is ok, for those we genuinely love will always be with us, if not physically, in soul and spirit, for love is eternally present, never absent and indeed loves eternally. 
Some will be lifted, and some will choose to stay behind.
Give them the freedom to make their own soul choices and live their own lives according to their own concepts and beliefs of what that life should be like.
Above all, stay true to your own Self, as you embrace the Divine Soul Self within yourself and allow your heart to be cleaved open more and more, so that you indeed become the Love which changes everything and transfigures it into the highest and purest Unconditional love, and indeed, ever expanding into that love, which is all embracing.
There will always be those souls who will be willing to walk that path alongside you, as there will be those who will choose not to.
At this crucial time, two will be standing next to each other.
One will be lifted, and one will choose to stay behind.
Yet, know that in the greater Universal Scope, no soul is ever lost, and all will find their way to the soul home and the highest truth within, even if this needs be on another planet, another star system and another Universe in another incarnation.
Simply step into the highest truth of who and what you are in truth and live this from your heart and soul and have faith and trust that you will be lifted and guided and thus experience far greater and deeper love than ever before, in your new embodiment and new form. 
Indeed, we cannot even imagine what this will be like at this moment. Therein lies the Divine Gift.
Faith, truth and unconditional love, is what will indeed transform us and our loving relationships as miracles will happen.
Some will grow closer together than ever before, but that closeness will transform into something more profound.
Some will grow apart – yet the soul contracts have been fulfilled as the all the karma has been lifted. Yet some will choose to replay the karma and thus will succumb to the old patterns and choose not to step out of them.
Some will indeed choose to walk the path alone, and then find themselves blessed with true soul companions as they are indeed all transform and experience the sublime.
All is perfectly unfolding – even if it seems all is falling apart at the seams.
Judith Kusel

The Present Moment ~ Judith Kusel ~ 30 March 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

The Present moment is in truth the only moment you have to, truly live.
The past has gone forever, and the Old Earth is already in the past, existing in holographic form only.
The Future you, is created in this very moment by yourself:
With every thought you think,
With every word you speak for words have power (sound vibration and frequencies)
With every action you take.
What is it you truly wish to create? 
More the same as has been in the past and thus the old patterns, the old fears, the old you and all the emotional baggage which created the negative patterns of relating etc.?
Or do you truly wish to leave all of this behind forever and concentrate in this very moment in creating the best you, the greatest and most Love-filled, inspired Master Soul you, you in truth are?
The Choice is yours.
When you have a vision, a calling, a purpose greater than the sum of you, you will indeed start living it, by acting in this present moment, and co-creating it. Every little step is indeed transforming you into your future self, and indeed in living that vision, that calling, that purpose from the heart, soul and all of your being.
I was given such a vision this weekend, and I recorded it in my journal and then sketched it as best I could. To me it was symbolic, for I was entering this in the last pages of journal. For it was symbolic to me, that I had completed another chapter in my life story on earth, and that I was ready to step into a totally new and much higher life and new beginnings and indeed, that is what I did when I opened my new journal and expanded on the visions and indeed wrote a prayer of thanksgiving. 
I always encourage my students to keep journals and write and sketch in them, for I have found that my journals become my books, and indeed, when I look back, I can see how I was led, transformed and indeed guided every single step of the way. So many of my visions have come true, and indeed, when one realizes you are living the vision – tears of gratitude and awe and wonder well up.
For there is a much Greater Divine Masterplan at work here – much greater than we can even be aware of and in the in the middle of the greatest New Birth and the rising of the New Earth, and new Humanity, such as never has been witnessed ever before!
What joy to experience and behold this!
Indeed to be a living part of it!
Judith Kusel

Remembering Unity ~ Jason Estes ~ 30 March 2021

  •  I now call forward all aspects of my being that (___________) from all places, spaces, times and dimensions
  • With love, acceptance, and no judgement, I integrate you into the wholeness of the fulfilled I am that I am
  • From this place of fulfillment, I choose to (________________)

A reminder from Jason Estes regarding this tool:

A very helpful practice in this reality is "Remembering Unity"

Jason Estes Update ~ 30 March 2021

Grateful for the Clarity....

Source: Jason Estes

Prewave of April started yesterday and wowie that 11pt clarity influx was something else 😊  
remember as we progress forward the body is going to be processing ALOT more then normal
with a 50 data pt jump on April first and then straight into a 11pt clarity so prepare now
ask your body what it needs take a moment to review the welcome to April update and the events of it 
you have what you need to make it through this 
just remember to apply the lessons you've learned that got you here and be ready to surf some major waves ❤ ::hugs::

Strong Incoming Energies ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 30 March 2021

Incredibly Strong Incoming Energies have started
Mainly targetted to the Crown yet also the whole Head/Face/Neck
Intense vibrational strength
I only post when significant

Embracing Our Multi-Dimensionality ~ Pat Donworth ~ 30 March 2021

Source: Pat Donworth

When we embrace our multidimensionality, we greenlight the transformation of our 3D reality, catalyzing changes in every level of our being. 
At the same time, we greenlight the transformation of the human collective reality, catalyzing changes in every aspect of its being. 
We are mirroring-gems 💎, strategically placed at various nexuses in the universal human grid. 
Our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, intentions, heart understandings, and soul sight matters.
Our LOVE matters.
Our COMPASSION matters.
Our KINDNESS matters.
Our CARING matters.
Doors, gates, and windows open to let in the fresh air and potency of the greater Universe.
Limiting conditions, beliefs, and programming stuck in our subconscious — and in the collective subconscious — are being
Chakras expand and unify. 
Personal energy pathways are realigning and reconnecting back into cosmic superhighways. 
We’re realigning and reconnecting into the grid of universal love, light, energy, and information and taking our ‘human’ with us (that’s the whole point!) ... AND we’re taking the collective with us.
Our experience of TIME alters as we step into the universal NOW. 
Our experience of SPACE alters as we hopscotch, instantly, across worlds/dimensions.
Worlds meet and merge into neighboring worlds, bringing in a fuller, clearer, more unified experience. The shifts may be very subtle, but clues and hints of the merges will be shown to us — in our waking life, dreams, and visions. In many cases, we’ll simply ‘’feel’’ it and KNOW.
Multidimensionality matters. It will take us ... everywhere and NOW/HERE. 
One Point
One Moment

‘’Everything you see
has its roots
in the unseen world.
The forms may change,
but the essence
remains the same.’’
~ Rumi 


© Pat Donworth 2020, 2021

The Indwelling State ~ Aluna Ash ~ 30 March 2021

Where we dwell in consciousness, the body is bound to gravitate towards and the personal reality is bound to reshape to match the indwelling state

Source: Aluna Ash

The body goes in direction of where consciousness dwells most often. Personal reality reshapes in connection to where one dwells in mind/feeling. 
There is a constant inner activity taking place deep within by the internal functions and faculties of the Soul-subconscious... the Infinite Originating Spirit/creative power operates through different functions of the Soul. 
Each thought is a pattern and is associated with a level of feeling or sensation. "Higher feelings" come by contemplating "higher" thoughts. (Higher meaning less limited, more expanded.)
Thoughts of separation, opposition, limitation are linked to sensations or feelings that match. 
Sensation and feeling is a binding force for the physical level of creation because it represents force/movement and infinite potential energy directed specifically to act in specific ways.
For the Infinite to act on the personal level/finite, there must be direction. The direction is thought contemplated resulting in feeling & sensation. Higher thoughts are always there, it is us that must align with them. 
Our consciousness must be prepared to go beyond intellectual understanding, science, facts or proof- to the True beginning: Spiritual understanding, Divine Mind what cannot be measured physically or proven by intellectual understanding, reasoning or theory. It must be a personal experience of God-Spirit. 
The masculine conscious mind is in reversed order until the Soul-subconscious is redeemed and reviatalized by Spirit, then the conscious mind is lifted/flipped into Restored Order through the feminine faculty: the Soul, subconscious, receptivity.
The masculine: passion or power must be lifted & illuminated to the feminine: love, wisdom and understanding to know Divine Order. Power without wisdom and love is uncontrolled passion and chaos.
Red and blue, right and left, below and above, male and female, must unify as one. Internally individually and this transforms the internal collective one by one. 
No other is needed, this is an internal process, but the outer manifestation is an expression of the internal process...many mistake the outside expression as the power because the creative power animating the external expression through I AM has not fully emerged or fused in individual awareness.
Internal separation is an opposition to the Life Essence or Life principle residing in Divine Mind acting through the Soul-subconscious, that the conscious mind must be resurrected up and into in order to unite the threefold nature of body/Soul, mind and Spirit. Personal self, greater universal impersonal self, infinite self. 
Where the personal self dwells in mind, the impersonal greaterself prepares a path for so the personal self can move in that direction. Both the personality masculine self and the greater feminine self are functions of the infinite self (God) where the personal self is lifted through the revitalization and redemption of the greater self. 
The obstructions of separation the personality/masculine self impresses upon the soul-subconscious feminine self causes thought and feeling to be out of wack or in reversed order, opposing one another, creating cross currents that opposing the Order that Life acts through from within. These obstructions are due to the belief in two opposing powers, good vs evil, us against them, dark vs light. 
To move in a specific direction, the personal self must dwell there in consciousness (in thought to create sensation or feeling.) 
To manifest any change the masculine aspect of thought must unite with the feminine, Soul activity, feeling, receptivity. The intellect must unite the bridge or gap through the feminine, the greater self by use of receptivity, feeling, sensation, imagination. This is one way "the male is the head of the household" has been misinterpreted, misunderstood and acted out physically for generations in ignorance. "Male as head of the household" means thought comes before feeling. 
The Soul-feminine will not move by force or intellectual tyranny, tyranny creates opposition within. The command must be in harmony with the desired end result in feeling as if it is done, with thanksgiving, love and appreciation. The male and female aspects of self as functions of consciousness, must be a united front to act in balance for the same cause. 
The inner or feminine self must be shown love, respect and appreciation at all times so that state & love will influence the personal outer self in constructive ways instead of destructive ways.
The feminine aspect (Soul-subconscious) is the gateway to manifest, but will not respond to aggression, resistance, dominance: there must be creative power directed with love, appreciation and wisdom to become an understanding. 
Understanding means a firm foundation that the self stands upon. The form or manifestation of the idea is under, where the feet stand because it has come down from above into below. The feet represent bringing heaven to earth, "wherever your feet stand is holy ground."

Remembering How to Shine ~ Matt Kahn ~ 30 March 2021

Source: Matt Kahn

The role of a guide is to escort you through density and darkness, instead of rescuing you from it. This is the way the light within you remembers how to shine.

30 March 2021

Alignment with Our True Authentic Self ~ Kō B'a Jã ~ 29 March 2021

 As we come into alignment with our true authentic self, we will find that our lives quite literally change around us
This is the absolute truth and confirmation that what happens first within us is reflected in the outside world
* Kō B'a Jã

Being Mindful ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Lee Harris

The Rise of Community Spirit has been going on for several years and you've seen it in different ways. 
You can probably attest to it for yourself internally and externally, but my guides said that this decade, we're going to see a lot more of that togetherness. It's going to be a very sensitive couple of months. 
So those of you who are deeply sensitive, you're going to want to step back a little bit if you can, as much as you can. You're going to want to quiet down, go within and allow the energy that's now coming into you and through you to feed you from above rather than necessarily ricocheting off how it's affecting everybody else. 
So it doesn't mean disconnect from the people that are giving you sustenance, but it does mean be very mindful of what you're exposing yourself to, who you're exposing yourself to and how it's making you feel, because that will be the tell.

Become Like a Sun ~ Part 1 of 2

** Update 1 April 2021: Link to Part 2 **

It has been some time since I last reported about our Sun ~ two months ago, in fact. Life happened 😊

Actually, I have been tuning into our Sun regularly but did not quite know what to make of it, and wasn't sure that what I saw was meant to be posted. I was also waiting to take an appropriate photo of our Sun to accompany the post (should I decide to post), but just never got round to it. However, Gigi Young's recent update where she wrote about us becoming like the Sun (here) was the motivating factor so here I am.

I had written before in January that I had seen the Sun Codes pulsating, and having a 5D "sense" (here). These had pretty much continued over the weeks, with the word "Expansion" being very loud in my mind. 

Then a few weeks ago, a lot of flux started happening with the codes, at times looking very chaotic and unstable ~ at least that's what it looked like to me. What was becoming very clear to me was also that the Sun Codes seem to be entering a sort of "transitionary phase" that was represented by the flux and seemingly chaotic activity. 

This continued until just about a week ago, when they all disappeared. The geometric patterns that I usually see were no more, replaced by ONE single image depicting a Solar pattern with radiating rays (image above, but with longer rays). This took me by surprise ~ the skeptic in me urged "retakes", so I tuned in again. Same image. I tried again, even willing my sight to look deeper and harder in case I was mistaken. No difference. After a few more tries, I finally accepted that image as what I had to see. Of course, there was no mistaking the message that presented ~ time to become our own Sun. The path to Ascension truly lies within.

At that stage, I still wasn't sure if I should post what I saw on my blog, because I still thought that it was personal to me (more about that at some later point in time), coinciding with some major Synchronicities and Life Path choices and changes that I was in the process of making. Then along came Gigi's post and her explanation.

I hope that this brief update will also mean something to someone.

Namaste and Bright Blessings! 💛☀️

PS. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was coming out with a post that I knew I would title "I Don't Know" ~ I will get to it....

PS/PS. The Sun Codes are back to their geometric patterns....

SR Reading

🌟🌟Meditation Monday - Working with Your Highest Self🌟🌟 ~ Tim Whild ~ 29 March 2021

I've heard from some that the highest we can call upon is 5D (also suggested by a couple other sources I've come across), but I align with Tim Whild's suggestion to call upon our Highest Self possible. Or Christed Self, for those who resonate.  

Here for the video from Tim Whild.

The Pulse: 30 March - 4 April ~ Gene Key 21: Control | Authority | Valour ~ Richard Rudd

True authority unites rather than controls

The Pulse – 30 Mar to 4 Apr – The 21st Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Control to the Siddhi of Valour and it is the Way of Authority

A Noble Life

True authority unites rather than controls. This can be understood well by the archetype of the master and the servant, which is the bedrock of our societies. Some of the deepest relationships are formed between one person in a position of authority and another in a position that appears to be submissive. However, if both parties in such relationships are as deeply in service as each other then their relationship transcends its social stereotype of dominance and submission. In order for such relationship to work, both parties must be equally in service to the other. If this is the case, the relationship can be mutually beneficial and potentially very powerful.

Excerpt from The Gene Keys

For more about the Gene Keys visit and subscribe to The Pulse at http://genekeys.com

#genekeys #genekey21 #authority #valour

Vlog 212: Please Take Advantage of This Moment ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 30 March 2021

Patricia Cota-Robles tells us about the activation of higher frequencies of the Mother of Pearl Resurrection Flame and the restoration of carbon-based structure to crystalline.

I Am the Resurrection and the Light of the Immaculate Concept of Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom, and Mother Earth now made manifest and sustained by Divine Grace (x3)
And So It Is.

To listen, please continue here.

Patricia also invites attendees for her 35th Annual World Congress on Illumination, which is a free online event in August (Era Of Peace link).

Realm Border Crossing: Phased Shifting ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Since the Cosmic Moment of 2012, these last few years have seen an increased effort by many individuals communicating and expressing their personal views and opinions and ideas to others through the growing sources of media communication. 
The digital soap box now has a global audience. 
These expressions have taken many forms and created a vast number of differing timelines from which to perceive the energetic flow of intelligent consciousness manifesting into different forms of reality around us. Whether that takes the form of alternative space/time realities, independent news realities, spiritual realities, alternative sciences, conspiracy theories - the majority of these seek to present an opposing view to that which is presented by those holding the strings of power and manoeuvring the words and actions of its spokespeople within the established patterns, records and forms of media, politics, history, science, medicine, finance and entertainment. Every single one of these energetic constructions has been penetrated, infiltrated and shaped over long periods to time to bring about control and order to overcome the chaos of free thinking, free speech and freedom. 
Everyone has now become free to roam the cage of their society's construction.
For a shift in the Evolution of Consciousness to occur and lift mankind above the current state of Being, requires the ability to become fully aware of the consequences of behaviour through words and actions. In past times, man has been conditioned through religion to believe that any actions taken in this life would be reflected in the next. Most cultures teach that a life of greed and corruption would lead to entering the realms of Hell, or create a karmic life of suffering and servitude. For most, this has not acted as a deterrent and has indeed allowed those enforcing these belief systems to rise to positions of power over others - who can argue with the Messengers of God. They in turn have gained vast wealth from those seeking to purchase an honoured place in the afterlife through gifts of land and gold to the religious organisations that have risen around the generosity of patronage. 
It has become clear that a certain level of society does not adhere to the rules and regulations that they themselves seek to promote and enforce, placing themselves above normality and therefore detached from accountability and not subject to that which rules those beneath them. The Gods and Goddesses of today's society now present themselves to the masses through media, politics, finance and run vast organisations across the planet.
The Equinox period fuelled by the hearts and minds of many seeking an alternative to what they are being presented with, has brought about a shift to the standardised form of just accepting an everchanging position of what is a new 'normal' reality. The continued rise in planetary vibrations has seen a shift in frequency taking us to a new position within our own perception of reality. The realm of astral projection is merging directly with the reality of collective consensus, known as a Realm Border Crossing / veil crossing. For those familiar with astral projection will understand the ability to view an alternative reality from outside the confines of a physical body. Observation at these levels provides an ethereal point of view or dreamlike state of existence which is easily dismissed by those having not been through the experience. The numbers experiencing these states of alternate perception are rapidly increasing as more individuals turn away from the fixed and rigid platforms created by government education and cultural definition of normality.
The primary Point of Perception begins with the five senses providing a flow of information regarding the immediate environment. Consciousness extends this awareness through intuition or Six Sense which remains unexplained by science and is therefore dismissed from providing evidence of proof. When crossing or expanding awareness into higher frequencies of vibration, the ability to perceive, recognise, understand and increase knowledge changes an individual's connection with the reality that surrounds their Point of Perception. This presents the ever present dilemma of living in a world with Others who view their reality with a completely differing perspective than those around them. There is little point trying to convince someone of one thing when they are incapable of understanding and seeing it in the same way as you. 
The recent Realm Border Crossing provides access to the astral world, the perception to see all that is hidden from the limited world of the five senses. The ability to look beyond what comes out of someone's mouth or their controlled actions of emotion and behaviour. If we perceive that the ability of Acting out the image of how you wish others to see you in the world is normal, then the Astral Realm hands you the script that governs that behaviour. Phased shifting is the term used to describe a change in the angle of perception, a 90 degree shift in consciousness that allows you to perceive an alternative perspective of understanding as an outside view of your Self and an inside view of Other's. 
Many create a mental view of themselves and then seek to project that image into the world hoping that Other's will also accept their creation. If that view is vastly distorted, then Others, particularly family members, friends or partners will act as a mirror reflecting back the version that they perceive instead. This creates conflict, argument and suffering. If the Will of the individual is strong enough and enforced by a position of power, they can convince Other's that the illusionary projection is the reality. The key to this is manipulation through recognition, conformity and acceptance. The terms of Narcissism and Hubris apply to these projected illusionary states with the retribution of Nemesis seeking to keep things in balance.
Seeing beyond the projection of identity has been presented to everyone globally at this time. The world of perception has changed from that which has been offered to that which will be accepted. You will begin to expand into and live within the world that you choose to accept. If you focus purely upon what you reject, disagree with and seek to change, that is the world that will continually present itself to you. Alternative realities require alternative ways of thinking, of living and behaving. Once you begin to see your life from outside of your direct perception, you will begin to see what holds you within the patterns that sustain it. 
The Higher Dimensions become available to those who choose an alternative reality to that which they now live within. Objection, rejection, resentment, anger are not the tools to alter the perception to that of higher understanding. No Sacred Teacher has ever promoted these actions as the Way. Changes are inevitable when society attempts to hold onto what is clearly disintegrating. Positions of power are held by those who can continue to convince Other's of their positions. 
Withdraw your focus, energy and attention from these areas and in time, there will nothing left to support them. 
Allow the changes to take place as a Divine orchestra of frequency attunement and realities play out and find harmony within the cacophony of discordance that occurs.
With Loving Blessings ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

How Does Love See It? ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

Just Pretend, and follow me here for a moment.
What if all the difficult situations presented to you, all those circumstances in which you feel you are unfairly treated, used, judged, all your stuck feelings, the alone and/or unloved circumstances, all the losses and the physical pain were not indications that something is wrong?
What if they were all signs, messages, Love Letters to You?
What if you did not have to clear them at all, that there was a higher authority that would do a lot of the work for you if you would only be willing to strike up a relationship with them?
That the Universe and You are perfect and Whole and nothing can be taken away without it not being, you not being, who you are?
What if all these Love Letters are telling you (reflecting back) for you to face and embrace it all as part of the Knowledge of why you are here now?
What if in allowing them to rise and looking them face to face with the “eyes of Love” they were hiding your strength of Knowing and Being?
What if your so called weaknesses are simple your strengths that are overdone?
What if HUman is both warrior and saint, innocent and wise, magnificent and humble, steadfast and flexible, strong and oh so soft?
Silly human stop scaring yourself.
Look from a 360 degree angle and just maybe what you thought was following you was nothing more than Yourself creeping up to hand you the pure “Light of God”.
I So Love You

Amanda Lorence & Melissa Deehan ~ 20 March 2021

Again, posting first. 

Source: Melissa Deehan (with video)

Elated to share this beautiful conversation with Amanda Lorence on the magic & the madness of the mind, the highs & lows of the feels, and the body's intelligence when it comes to navigating vibrational information and more.

The Universe Always has a Plan ~ Matt Kahn & Liz Dawn Donahue ~ 27 March 2021

Posting first for those who wish to listen, my plate is still overflowing.

Source: Matt Kahn (with video)

I really loved this dialogue. It starts out fun, but dives incredibly deep. May it offer you profound healing wisdom, as a gift for yourself, your loved ones, and humanity as a whole. From my heart to yours. 
All For Love,

You are Here for a Purpose Every Day ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Lee Harris

You are here for a purpose every day. And the life you live as a human being will give you invitations to feel, see and be in that purpose. And it will give you many invitations to forget, close down, seal off from that purpose. This is not your fault, nor is it collective amnesia. You are living in a world that is asking the soul to disappear from humanity. Nothing new about this, nor need you be alarmed. 
Simply allow yourself to rise.
-From Connect to Your Soul Meditation

On Being Certain ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

On Being Certain
Have you fully owned that you are of the One Source?
Or are you afraid of being “Certain”? Too self-doubting to have such deep full Faith and yet you seek certainty. If you were certain how could you be wrong?
Do you have to keep listening to the imported voices in you that say you could be. Who gave them that authority to rule your thoughts of what is possible?
Think about ‘certainty’. 
Stop for a moment, take the word in. 
How does it resonate with you? To say to yourself “I am certain”?
Can you feel its tone and enormity within you? 
It is part of your Heart Knowing your Truth. The absolute certainty of Knowing, you actually can feel it and it is huge.
And when you do this and then look with the eyes of this Knowing, the eyes of Love, you will have your answer and it might go something like this.
Everyone can and will “make it”. We are One so how else can it be?
We are One in and One with the Source of All That Is. 
No one can or will experience separation forever. It is only a momentary choice of a temporally built reality. And the change in choice has started with me choosing Heart, discovering that it works beautifully and then in the Light of that Shine, that Knowing, I Live it.
Then people see it, feel it, radiating from every pore of my Being, and are touched by it and everybody wants Happiness and Joy and Stillness, so they too begin to choose their own Presence.
So simple it is absolutely certain to work.
Be certain and Smile.
I Love So You
CERTAINTY is not just a word. It is a vibration, a harmonic tone within you.
You have to go within and feel it consciously to experience its part in You.
Five minutes thought are not enough. Its Truth is part of your unfolding.
The hidden treasure in a word. 
Take it with Light but do not treat this lightly or you could overlook one of your buried treasures.

Engaging with Your True Self ~ Paul Selig ~ 29 March 2021

Source: Empath 1111

As we work with you each, as we lift you past the old to what may be claimed, what may be known in a higher octave, we realize you outside of the claims made for you or by you by your parents, by your history, by the culture you were born into. In some ways, if you can imagine, what we are doing is lifting you up, gazing upon you outside of the known so you may have a window or a reflection into your eternal self at your eternal self's will. You engage in an encounter with the True Self that you return to the old with. The lifting itself acclimates you to the potential of the True Self as being realized, and then as you return to who you think you are, you have a new experience with yourself and your world.
Paul Selig - The Book of Freedom
A Channeled text

Revealing the Light of All ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 March 2021

Perhaps many of the things you are trying to eliminate within yourself are actually here to change you for the better. When you befriend each feeling, you establish trust in the emotional guardians of your journey, no longer judging them for the intensity they bring or how precisely they interrupt the perceived normalcy of human conditioning.
It may seem as if you are so overwhelmed by darkness, your light is unable to penetrate its forcefield.
The truth is, darkness acts as the instigator of inner turmoil, just to show you where the light of your love needs to be sent next. As the purity of your light is sent to each darkened corner, it is your love that removes the cloak of darkness to reveal the light of all ~
personifying its brilliance and perfection as a miracle known as you.

29 March 2021

Take Five ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 March 2021

Take five minutes for yourself, several times a day

Source: Lee Harris

Some people do this in a very focused way through meditation. 
Others will just let everything go clear - no emails, no phone calls, no engagement with anyone else. Just take five minutes to allow whatever is stirring and moving inside you to settle and move because the tiredness and the exhaustion is real, it's going round and it's contagious.