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  1. Hello Grace, Happy New Year🥳. Loved the flower fireworks so much. I was singing this song this morning. There is a preamble I wrote with the song.

    I Am Remembering ~ Elizabeth Natale

    Eventually its good to come to the point where one does not know what anything means anymore. To step away from all words and conceptions and to truly surrender into the unknown still point. It is a forgetting to remember. The wisdom is already within us. Our God connection. Its the human conditioning that needs to be unlearned, surrendered, forgiven, and washed away. Thats why we need not take anything personally. We are in this together. Thank God!!

    I Am Remembering
    ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

    I am remembering
    The spark so deep within my heart
    The flaming memory of God burns bright
    Shines the light upon my soul.

    I am remembering
    The Peace beyond all space and time
    The center of co-creation
    Loving Impulse of the Divine

    I am rewinding
    Passing through the ancient times
    Remembering the heartbreak
    Remembering the crimes

    I am rewinding
    Forgiving thoughts laid on this world
    Remembering its True Purpose
    Remembering its True Cause

    I am returning
    Responding to the call to Love
    Leaving the void of self creation.
    Coming home where I belong

    I am returning
    To the power of my Love
    To the "Now" of eternity
    Realization of the One

    I'm realizing
    The endless well deep in my heart
    Radiating compassion
    Radiating pure love

    I'm realizing
    This New Earth we thrive upon
    Patient warriors of sunlight
    Golden stardust from above

    I am rejoicing
    Eyes wide open head up high
    Nothing here to hide from
    Nothing outside me to outrun

    I am rejoicing
    Dancing round this Tree of Life
    Coursing through this body
    Pouring out through this song