** Text: We, ourselves, are the Hope of Humanity.
We are the ones who are the last part of the
long, complex and convoluted equation.
Seven billion strong....
We are a Divine Force that can flip the script
by switching on the Light.
We just need to **
4 November 2015

Mother Gaia is ascending, with Humanity in tow. This transition is a time of immense changes and transformation, and every awakened individual has much inner work to do as well as to actively participate in whatever manner possible to assist the Collective Consciousness.

At this point going forward, the assumption made on this blog is that we've already initiated the process of our own inner clearing and integration (still ongoing) and are well along this transition path. The focus now expands to include what we can do to be of service.

We each shine our Light in our own individual way ~ we just need to listen to our own inner/Divine guidance and answer the call of our higher purpose.

Every Soul matters, every iota of Light counts.



  1. Divine Laura, when I read your words, every so often I dive into another dimension, it is as if Truth is revealing itself through your expressions. Through your sincerity, insight and faith, you allow those who hear you , see you, or read your words, to be allowed a glimpse into that which is the most familiar. You are truly an oasis, every few steps offering fresh waves of insight, 'o yes!" and 'aha".....what a gift to us all on earth. THANKYOU AND CONTINUE TO BE YOUR SELF with love, Margje

    1. Thank you, dear Margje. I'm Grace, owner of this blog. I think you could have mistaken me for someone else :) Blessings


  3. This message is just as relevant today.
    Its beautiful, thank you for sharing it so simply and well put.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that very much :) Many Blessings to you!

  4. I lov this website so much....just found it..hav a lot to explore .thank you for the dedication..namaste..and shining your light

    1. Welcome to The Earth Plan....many Blessings to you. And thank YOU for shining your Bright Light :)

  5. Thankyou for your comment, very much appreciated.

    1. You're most welcome, many Blessings
      (Sorry for this late response, I just saw that I did not append my reply to your comment, so that's what I'm doing now.)

  6. Hi Grace, Your blog is my first "go to" every morning for months now. I love your reflections (as in "Atlantis Un-Redux"), and the many varied and balanced/balancing posts you share with us. At the very least, we can keep sending Light ... and seeing the Beauty everywhere! Love you! Jyoti

    1. Awww....thank you so much for your kind words and support, dear Jyoti πŸ’™πŸ’œ Like everyone else, I do what I can and yes, keep sending the Light. You are so right too ~ seeing the Beauty everywhere....with constant Gratitude (I'm working on this, hehee...)

      Much Love to you, too, and many Blessings

    2. Sorry, forgot to mention ~ I hope you don't mind, I deleted the duplicate comment 🀍

  7. Hi Grace,

    I thought you might be interested in sharing this, if you haven't seen this already. Been following you for years and thought this was your kind of thing. Big change is happening.

    1. Thank you for your support, and for this link! Yes, also in London, Germany, Belarus.... My wish for these events is that there is no violence of any kind. Agree, big change is happening, especially "unseen" and behind the scenes. Many Blessings

  8. Hello Grace,

    I am in the middle of getting my new website up and going.,
    In the meantime I was hoping tp find a blog that would post this before the Dec 21 solstice.
    I channeled this song 3 years ago on the day of winter solstice.
    I am getting recordings together but until then, I would love to share the words to the song.

    Song of Love and Freedom
    Elizabeth Natale

    The snowflakes that glisten that fall on my crown
    The teardrops that gather, what is not bound
    A gentle reminder, that all is well
    Nothing to despair, when love clears the air

    Oh The rainbows the laughter the birds fill the sky
    This love song within me now has wings to fly
    To carry this message to lift our hearts high
    Remove all the burdens and soar to new hights

    Oh When love is reflected in all that we do
    We remember our wholeness as that which is true
    We're guided by love, not by our thoughts,
    One is eternal the other is not

    We are shimmering light rays expressing our song
    We can do nothing other than be what we love
    Its plain, its simple, because it is true,
    Loving is natural cause thats what we do...

    When there is no opinion to alter the truth
    When all is forgiven no guilt on the loose
    When our purity's accepted we finally se
    We're the ones we've been waiting for we set ourselves free ....

    1. Greetings Elizabeth, thank you for sharing this ~ I'll post this a bit later when I'm able. Many Blessings

  9. Hi Grace After reading Diana Cooper this morning and the Christ Light, these 2 songs have been with me all morning. πŸ€— they both have the word Grace in them. If they align with you. Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Thank you Elizabeth

    Heavenly Grace ~ Elizabeth Natale

    Heavenly Grace pouring down upon us
    White Light pulsing through our veins

    Through our Love we ground our Light in this world
    Through our Hearts we bridge Heaven on Earth

    Heavenly Grace flowing past all borders
    There is no place it will not hesitate

    To receive the blessings of this Fierce Grace
    Undress yourselves and surrender to the waves

    Dancing Through Heavens Gate
    ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

    We have played all the possible outcomes
    We've repeated the same old worn ways
    Now a choice is at hand I can feel a new land
    Where everyone remembers they're safe

    And we're walking through Heavens Gate
    Hand in hand side by side
    And we're dancing through Heavens Gate
    Loving hearts loving minds

    We have tried we have cried to find something
    Some meaning to fill in the gap
    Now the truth is at hand I can see a new land
    Where everyone remembers their Grace

    And we're walking through Heavens Gate
    Hand in hand side by side
    And were dancing through Heavens Gate
    Leaving no one behind

    1. So beautiful! Thank you, dear Elizabeth πŸ’– I hope you'll be able to get your website up soon, do send me the link so I can connect there as well.
      Many Blessings

  10. Good Morning Grace, the contact button on the blog does not work, so I am posting through comments. If you prefer I contact you directly, please let me know how . Thank you.

    I am continuing to enjoy the direction you are taking your blog. Great vibration.

    For your consideration, this song has really been coming round often at this time.
    Its pertinent for me in my own struggles to align myself. Sometimes when I read the words I think who am I to present this song, when I falter myself so many times. But then these words are whispered in my ear. “ Its alright, you teach what you need to learn. “ How perfect is that!! Thank you Elizabeth

    Running In Circles ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

    I was running in circles afraid to look in
    I was listening to others to see if I fit in......

    Then I sat still and lost myself
    Had to lose it to find my true self
    Hidden beneath all the make believe selfs
    Waiting for me so patiently
    Then I sat still and lost myself
    In the silence I forgot myself
    Then my "I Am” revealed itself
    Joyously free

    I was looking outside me to see what was true
    I believed all the others as to what I should do.....

    Please Mother I need your love
    Please take me in your arms
    Please show me who I Am
    Then she whispered to me so tenderly
    If you want to know who You are
    Let me show you who I Am
    In full splendour of all I Am
    You will find yourself

    Elizabeth Natale

    1. Greetings Elizabeth! Thank you for contacting me :) You can DM via fb if that's convenient for you, should be easier than leaving a comment here.

      That's a lovely piece of creation there, thank you. It's the story of so many of us right now as we chase our tails looking for ourselves. Your writing is truly Divine, I hope you continue to create for as long as you feel called to do so.

      Many Blessings πŸ’–

    2. Good Morning Grace, I do not know your facebook name so I can DM you. Thank you for your kind words. Elizabeth

      Falling Into Grace ~Elizabeth Natale ~

      The time is now I hear the call
      There is no other place
      We’re falling into Grace
      And our whole world comes along

      The time is now I hear the call
      Nothing is out of place
      We’re falling into Grace
      And our whole world is reborn

      ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

  11. Good Morning Grace, Feeling grateful and joyful this morning. ��

    I Bless This Ground ~ Elizabeth Natale

    I bless this ground and all who live upon it
    I count my blessings to remember who I am
    This fertile earth and all that thrives upon it
    I count my blessings to remember where I am

    And now we dance in laughter and in gladdness
    We ground our love into every living thing
    We harmonize to the rythym of our heartbeat
    Alleluia! Alegria! Amen!

    ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

    P.S. I do not have your name for your facebook page. Thank you. Elizabeth

    1. Many Blessings to you, dear Elizabeth! I'm actually quite "invisible" in fb, but please feel free to email me with your fb page link and I will DM you :) Thank you for your wonderful creations!

  12. Hello Grace. I am new on facebook and only use it for marketplace. When I can figure out how to send my link I will do so next time. I am not very tech oriented.πŸ€ͺ

    After hearing Aja Love this morning, this song came to mind. When I received the song I was told that “ the house that Love built ‘ refers to the house that Sophia built after her alchemical transformation. Aja spoke about not dropping our coordinates to lower down to others. I think the light house says it all. It shines the light for all to see . It does not go out to find and help lost souls thus leaving its place from where it does the most good for all, including the lighthouse soul itself. Lastly it does not protect itself because it knows what it is .

    I Am A Lighthouse Of God ~Elizabeth Natale ~

    Open your heart to them all
    There's nothing left to withdraw
    For Love has built a New House
    That shines the light on everyone

    I am a Lighthouse of God
    All are welcome but know,
    You will only find Love here
    For I remember who I really am

    Open your mind to it all
    Theres nothing left to outdraw
    For the light has dispelled all the fear
    So Love is finally known as all thats real

    I am a Lighthouse of God
    All are welcome but know,
    You will only find Light here
    For I remember what I really am

    ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

  13. You'll be just fine with the tech :) Please feel free to email me then, or whatever works best for you.

    Thank you for this Lighthouse of God poem,I totally resonate. I don't have your beautiful way with words, but I've written about Lighthouses before so I really feel them. Many Blessings!

  14. I just remembered it was Valentines Day. This song says it all at a time when our limited, conditional views on what Love is, are being reflected back to us. May everything that gets in the way of Love’s becoming be transformed. Happy Valentines Day

    Pure Love ~ Elizabeth Natale

    Pure Love, burning up the curtains,
    The Face of Christ, for everyone to see.
    Pure Love, smoldering in the ashes.
    The Face of Christ, in everyone we meet

    Pure Love, shining Tabernacle
    This "Gift of Love", received, forever in my heart.
    Pure Love, shining Tabernacle,
    This Truth received, inscribed, forever in our hearts.

    Pure Light, piercing through conceptions
    These shared ideas once forgotten melt away.
    Pure Light, piercing through deceptions
    These false ideas once forgiven fall away

    Pure Light, fills Thy Holy Chalice.
    The Light of God received, forever in my heart
    Pure Light, fills my Golden Chalice
    The Will of God in the Temple of my heart

    Pure Love, no feigning misconceptions
    Its Purity is the Rock we stand upon
    Pure Love, no feigning preconceptions
    Its Purity is the Nature we come from

    Pure Love, returning to the Center,
    The Face of Joy, for everyone to see!
    Pure Love, returning to the Center,
    The Face of Joy, for everyone to be!

    Pure Light, sweeping through the chambers
    Our hidden rooms, we've come to consecrate
    Pure light, streaming through the chambers
    Forsaken parts, reunite to celebrate!

    Pure Light, flowing from the Center,
    Radiating from the Center of my Heart.
    Pure Light, flowing from the Center,
    Pulsating from the Center of our Hearts

    ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

    1. Happy (belated) Valentine's, Elizabeth! Thank you for this love note to the Christ Light ~ it's beautiful! May Christed Love keep on permeating ALL, and keep on working doubly hard in stubborn places.
      Many Blessings πŸ’›

  15. Happy Easter Grace, May all beings remember who they really areπŸ˜‡

    In This Garden Of Love
    ~ Elizabeth Natale ~

    In this garden of love
    Childrens laughter abounds
    We are Innocent beyond any doubt

    Rise, rise up unchain yourselfs free
    We are worthy cause thats who we are

    In this garden of love
    We step mindfully upon
    all the words we express from our souls

    Hail, hail to the Source here within
    We give glory by knowing our worth

    In this garden of love
    We humm merrily along
    As we follow the path of our bliss

    Sing, sing gladness dwells in your heart
    Let it shine for the whole world to see

    In this garden of love ,
    We dance Joyfully upon
    All the blessings bestowed at our feet

    Praise, praise to the sun moon and stars
    We belong to the glory of all

    1. Thank you sharing you beautiful gifts, dear Elizabeth! Many Blessings πŸ’– and I echo your prayer ~ May all Beings remember.....